STAY AWAY You Lying Bastard!

Posted October 30th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Stay in DC, – go to Camp David, – or go to Chicago or Detroit to watch the game Obama;  – just stay the F*Ȼʞ AWAY from Boston and Fenway!  Boston can’t afford you,…
 …..and we don’t want you.
Stay Away Obama 
We have more than enough liars here already! 

The lying bastard came anyway – gave another sales pitch at Faneuil Hall – took the opportunity to spike the football…and pimp Mitt Romney….
Obama Pimps Romney


5 Responses to “STAY AWAY You Lying Bastard!”

  1. Tom

    So let me understand this trip to Boston just happening to coincide with World Series Game 6. The “Liar in Chief” will sign the praises of the failed Obamacare, but point out its success in Mass. Will he give credit to its architect, Mitt Rommey. Will he have TOTUS along? Will he take questions or will they be scripted as well? Will today’s Sibelleus testimony have any impact? How many SEIU thugs in the crowd and outside? How many patriotic demonstrators will be allowed near Fanuel Hall?
    Stay away from Fenway!!

  2. Casey Chapman

    Everything he says is scripted by his fellow communists or his masters. He doesn’t have an original thought in his head. Ever. He needs to stay away from Fenway, so we don’t have him trying to distract us from the series.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Romney just issued a statement blasting NOBamaCare, but, arguably, RomneyCare is worse than NOBamaCare because Massachusetts has 53 legislatively MANDATED COVERAGE CATEGORIES, making our policies prohibitively expensive, thanks to special interest ‘health industry’ lobbyists and our Commie state legislators pocketing lobbyist campaign contributions. Romney’s a clown too…

    Anyone taking time out to watch, or listen to, the Kenyan-Muslim-Commie LYING SACK OF SHIT appearing in Boston is too stupid to vote and should never have children.

  4. Hawk1776

    I listened to Emperor Obams’s speech yesterday. I used to think he was just a pathological liar. Now I’m convinced he delusional.

  5. Robert Young

    Obama is the worst thing to happen to the USA since the war between the States (Civil War to you people in Riolenda)

    I am not a racist; far from it, but this guy needs to have his Lies called. I can’t call Obama a Dictator, but he certainly is a Dick.

    Impeach this Imperial President while we still can.