Stan Rosenberg’s Never-Ending Tax Greed

Posted May 16th, 2016 by Iron Mike

What could you do with $40,000 of your own money?
Senate Prez Stan Rosenberg
Our Massachusetts Senate President wants to “Eat the Rich” – to the tune of another $40,000 per year each [minimum].  How many small businesses will he shut down and drive over the New Hampshire border?   How many more jobs lost?

Between income tax and sales tax, MassHoles already pay an effective rate of 11.44%….

But our Senate President wants more….another 4% more in ‘super-tax’ from so-called ‘millionaires’……

It’s the Bernie Sanders “Eat the Rich” tax theory – that somehow rich people use more ‘services’ than you or I.   Do they use more snowplowing, road salt, or fire protection?

Do they use up more court time?  Do they tie up town clerks more than you do?

$1,000,000 x current rate 5.1% = $51,000

$1,000,000 x another 4% = $40,000

What does Stan want to buy with each additional $40K,….more Senate Clerks,…more new cars for staffers,….more conferences on Cape Cod each summer…?

Give more EBT Cards to illegals…?

Stan was raised an orphan, – and has spent the past 36 years of his life on the public payroll.

Openly gay,  he’s also a leader in the Massachusetts Transgender Bathroom Bill fight – once again forcing businesses to choose between accommodating an obnoxious law,  – or moving out of state,….or just closing down.

Stan Rosenberg tax vulture

But having no children,  Stan doesn’t have to worry about any sex perverts and pedophiles going into public rest rooms with his daughters and grand-daughters.   Can you say ‘blithering arrogant hypocrisy‘?

Why do Democrats keep killing the Golden Goose?

Think for a moment:   if you had a small business,…and were looking at $40,000 in cash,…would you possibly buy new equipment,…or hire some part-time high school and college kids to staff the place…?

Why can’t career politicians think like small business people?

Why do Democrats think successful people are inherently evil – thus deserving of more taxes…?

2 Responses to “Stan Rosenberg’s Never-Ending Tax Greed”

  1. Jim Gettens

    …And so-called ‘Republican’ Lt.Gov. Karyn Polito ‘officiated’ at Rosenberg’s ‘wedding’ to his male staffer…

  2. Hawk1776

    Right in line with Obama’s pledge to “redistribute the wealth”.