Stacy Maillet Saves The Day!

Posted April 6th, 2013 by Iron Mike

But for her it would have been “Three Hours Wasted In Leominster”!
26 Angles

26 Angles” – meant to honor the victims of Newtown.  It was billed as a ‘benefit’ and a ‘discussion’ , – but it seemed like an exercise in one-sided propaganda and a mindless talent show.  I was squirming in my seat – wanting to leave, when Stacy took the stage. 

She spoke of being a gun owner, a competitive shooter, and the mother of an autistic son.  Then she truly made my day when…

Stacy…she said “The only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is with a good guy with a gun!”

The patriots in the hall burst into applause, the liberals squirmed.

We’d listened to a series of speakers talk about mental illness, and we were relieved that enough liberals understand that it is mentally ill people who become rampage and spree killers.
Anti-Gun Speakers

But we’d also heard several speakers [clearly uninformed] including Congressman Jim McGovernment talk about guns spraying bullets, large capacity ‘clips’, and national background checks. 

Beverly Mayor William Scanlon – clearly a ‘liberal’ drew instant ‘NOs’ from the audience when he proposed we ‘must give up some freedoms for some safety’

Ben Franklin addressed that issue 220 years ago!

HINT to the kids who put on the event:  You watered down your message and the effect by turning have the afternoon into a showcase for mediocre talent.  It was a tiresome distraction.

Did you notice that 1/3 of your already-sparse audience left after the first hour?

By effectively excluding opposing views – even to the point of being rude to your invited GOAL panelist Dr. Moysey – you made it clear you have no interest in the truth – just furthering propaganda.

If you need to add a quote on your materials – quote an American!

I’m sure Stacy’s remarks came as a surprise.  I’m forever grateful to her for that!

5 Responses to “Stacy Maillet Saves The Day!”

  1. John O'Mara

    As a member of the audience, my written question to Angus McQuilken was not asked. It was, “As a staunch advocate of background checks for all gun purchasers, – would you also advocate for background checks for all machete purchasers?
    How about Bowie knives? How about scissors?”

  2. Casey Chapman

    Boy—–am I glad I missed this one. I get so tired of these events that are advertised as one thing, but end up being another.

  3. Ralphyboy

    The audience was made up of students, faculty and “specialists” who had provided a long afternoon in honoring the Sandy Hook victims. It was no way any comparative to the Holliston showing. Many speakers with the exception of Stacy Maillet and GOAL VP Steve Maysey, were all anti-gun. They all spoke about the mental illness aspects but no one had a solution.

    Atty Scott Lang of New Bedford and Mayor Donna Holaday of Newburyport were in favor of changing the constitution and bring it to the 21st Century since they thought our founding fathers wrote the second amendment based on “old technology” and today we have weapons that are much more dangerous. Beverly Mayor Bill Scanlon thinks our freedoms need to be sacrificed.

    The Q and A was a joke and at the beginning with questions simply all one sided and questions screened. There was no room for discussions and many left as noted by Mike, early. At some potions during the program, I thought I was at a recital.

  4. Sheryl

    “old technology” oh yes… Guns protect and kill today but they didn’t when our founders were around… Just can’t fix stupid

  5. Kojack

    “…we were relieved that enough liberals understand that it is mentally ill people who become rampage and spree killers.”

    It depends on who the killer is…some, like Bill Ayers – an Obysmal associate from the early days, are idolized by the moonbats.