Squaw Want’um Kids On Union Reservation

Posted September 6th, 2016 by Iron Mike

Princess Walking Eagle (bird so full of shit cannot fly) katch’um Lurch disease – need’um constant TV cameras in face.
Senator Squaw point finger
She’s up for re-election in 2 years, ~ unless ~ President Hillary appoints her to some no-heavy-lifting post, – like head of the CFPB,  – the Federal Reserve Board,  – or the Supreme Court. Are you shuddering yet?  

Most recently she’s been pissing in her moccasins about Charter Schools, – because the teachers unions want her to.

Union-run schools across Massachusetts positively suck – they don’t really educate kids, – many are using Common Core, – and they’re all preaching the leftist mantra of celebrating the gay lifestyle and man-made global warming.

Teach History, Geography, Civics, Economics, or genuine proven Science? Nah!

Michael E MannEasier to make stuff up and teach it as ‘proven science’,  – even after Michael Mann and his tree ring circus has been thoroughly debunked!

Now Senator Squaw is darkly suspicious of all the parents who have rallied against the entrenched union-run schools, – and who are demanding that the State allow more Charter Schools.

THINK ABOUT THAT!   WHO THE FUCK ever decided that our State Governmentany state government,  – should have jurisdiction over what school your kid goes to?

Are your kids really YOURS – or the Government’s?

Well, we sure know what Hillary Clinton and Senator Squaw answer that one.

Then come the teacher union advocates, attempting to point out high test scores as ‘proof’ of the success of Massachusetts public schools….statewide.

High compared to WHAT?  Compared to WHO?

In my local Acton-Boxborough system, – the high test scores are solely the result of the high Asian population. Those kids aren’t drinking, smoking, doing dope or playing video games and chasing Pokemon during and after school. They’re studying to max tests, – AND maintain their native language proficiency.

Across our state union teachers are famous for preparing generation after generation of voting robots.

They literally tell kids: “Don’t worry about politics, – it’s dirty business. Leave it to the professionals!”

So you get high school graduates who have NO CLUE what either political party stand for today, – or what they stood for during the election of 1860.

Doubt me? ASK any recent high school grad – new college freshman – “What were the major political parties in 1860,  – and what was their chief political position?”

Then watch your tax dollars turn into BLANK STARES and VACANT EYEBALLS!

Election of 1860

But Gawd forbid we let kids go to privately funded or publicly funded charter schools,  – where parents can control and monitor the curriculum?

The harsh reality is that Democrats (aka Progressives and Socialists) have a clear interest in maintaining the union-run system,  – and churning out more obedient historically vacuous voting robots.

Bernie Supporters

How else could Bernie Sanders have garnered such a massive following of deluded young people who were so easily persuaded that their college debt could be forgiven by super-taxing millionaires?  They know nothing of economics (or even simple math) – and Bernie knew it!

And Senator Squaw?  Tomorrow she’ll be ranting about another Progressive issue – in front of more TV cameras.  It’s her new drug – media attention, – since she’s not getting any attention from Hillary anymore….

Senator Squaw w Hillary

Yeah,  Hillary used her,  rode her hard,  – and put her up wet!

Massachusetts,  you’ve got just about 1 year to find a worthy Republican who can thrash this Progressive Soros Robot.  Don’t bother with a RiNO like Scott Brown,  Navy Seal,  or Brian Herr;  – voters know and fully understand the difference,  – and they won’t bother coming to the polls….

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