Squaw No See’um Light In Fall River

Posted May 13th, 2018 by Iron Mike

The Philips Lighting plant in Fall River is moving – to Mexico,  – away from the know-it-all Massachusetts Legislature,  – where Progressives and Gays can only think of filling the so-called “tax gap”.

Brain-dead and corrupt,  Senator Squaw and her Ice Cream Man sidekick are ranting for President Trump “to do something” to save 160 Teamster jobs…

You might ask Where have these flaming fools been for the past few years?”

The answer of course is on the campaign trail – trying to get Globalist Hillary elected in 2016,  then trying everything they know to RESIST TRUMP.

They seem not to have noticed how the lighting industry has changed with the switch to LEDs – and how our MassHole Legislature has responded to Trump’s regulation and tax cutting.

MassHoles being left-wing ASSholes,  – they decided to fill what they see as a “tax gap” – by raising State Taxes – particularly on industry.

Some blindness cannot be cured.  Democraps look at a factory and see smokestacks to be REGULATED,  – and an ATM Machine to be TAXED.

AND,…the quarterly Photo-Op….

Somehow they never see the hundreds of JOBS being worked by ‘the little people’ – who they still expect to vote for them next election.  Yeah, to Democraps – individual workers are INVISIBLE,  even when they’re DEMANDING industry pay them $15.oo / hour.

Think of the sheer irony of two left-wing socialists standing on a Teamster Union platform – shrieking into the wind for TRUMP to ‘do something to save these jobs’.

Maybe Governor Greg Abbott down in Texas could make Philips a deal,…sweeter than Mexico has?

As the lava flows from Kilauea – going where it wants to,  – the jobs from the Democrat-controlled states will move to friendlier ground,  – Texas, – Mexico, – China….places where troublesome union goons are routinely arrested and shot.

Back here in MassHole,  how much longer will workers docilely obey their Union Stewards and vote Democrap,…against their own job interests…?

MassHoles could retire the Squaw this November,…
.if they can summon the courage to VOTE Republican! 

3 Responses to “Squaw No See’um Light In Fall River”

  1. Clinton MA Tea Party

    Why are they asking Trump and not Baker? Come on this is easy, Baker is a liberal who is the one who will not speak up about our business leaving because he is a liberal Democrat. Next move will be our legislators to make Massachusetts a sanctuary state and Baker will pretended like he is against it. The jig is up Charlie and the Rinos! So Charlie Warren Markey are all in this together. All of them always ready to screw the Citizens of the Commonwealth.

  2. Ben

    It’s funny how the mass. libs will knock every move Mr. Trump makes but are willing to plead with him when they need something.


    They’re ‘fake pleading’ with him Ben. If they cared (they don’t) they’d be pleading with the state legislature and Charlie Faker.

    This is just political theater so in a few months they can campaign for congressional candidates across the land and say “SEE, Trump didn’t do ANYTHING. Vote for Clyde!”

  3. Kojack

    “…..they never see the hundreds of JOBS being worked by ‘the little people’ – who they still expect to vote for them next election…..”

    Most of the little people who work in the PRIVATE SECTOR don’t vote for them, but here in MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS the PLANTATION DWELLERS, DEAD and ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT VOTERS, ACADEMIC ELITES, the PUBLIC SECTOR, some PRIVATE SECTOR UNIONS and HARD-CORE MASSHOLES they’re outnumbered.

    LIE-A-WATHA is upside down in the MASS-HOLE-A-CHUSETTS polls because she’s so unlikeable even among most MASSHOLES.