Squaw Get’um Heckled In Georgia

Posted February 17th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is a HERO down in Georgia!   Lost in a crowd of 1,000 Democrats,  one brave Patriot dared to call out Senator Squaw:  – “Why did you lie…?” while holding up a sign saying 1/2020.

As Warren’s campaign moves to Iowa and New Hampshire,  she is likely going to need more security goons – as more patriots infiltrate her rallies.

Is there ANY honor left among Georgia Democrats?  This box-checking FRAUD spent her entire life getting ahead, – getting placed into AA/EEO slots by claiming to be part-Cherokee,  – and she’s treated like a savior…? A thousand show up to hear her?

Did this despicable ‘Squaw’ forget that the REAL Cherokees were rounded up and FORCED out of North Georgia…?   Does she even know why it happened?

I hope to buy this young hero a beer someday….

Don’t be silent Republicans!  Stand up against EVIL!


2 Responses to “Squaw Get’um Heckled In Georgia”

  1. Leonard Mead

    At one of many parades where I supported a Republican candidate whose kids were in my 59 Cadillac convertible, I noticed Lie-awatha’s “supporters” forming for her part of the parade 50 yards away. Wondering who in their right mind would support such a lying fool for senator, I decided to walk amongst them to see just who they were.

    They were standing stiffly, holding their union made signs in a formation, with the print-out wrapped on each stick showing their assigned hours of (paid) work — staring straight ahead like zombies.

    Walking up and down within their parade formation I couldn’t catch any of their eyes. Like they were in a trance waiting for time to pass to when they could get paid. I have to admit I was a little frightened. My supported candidate didn’t pay ANY parade supporters, and many volunteers worked many tiring hours -for her – including me.

    Try to remember, folks, democrat union money can be spent — but it CAN NOT buy common sense, truth, or policies that really benefit anyone but the democrat candidate lusting for power and more of YOUR MONEY in taxes while they generate more regulations and rules for YOU to follow while they exempt themselves.

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Sherox

    Len, no, money cannot buy common sense, truth, or any policies that benefit any taxpayer. What is almost a bigger problem is the rigging of the polling machines.