Squaw Dances With Democrats

Posted July 24th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Reporter say’um magic words,  – Squaw make’um sudden dance –

23-second video shows WHAT happened,  – but you’re on you own to understand WHY:

Maybe she just had a sudden potty urge…?

Or maybe she heard a distant drummer…?

If Massachusetts voters can wake up and grow up – she could be history in just 18 months!

6 Responses to “Squaw Dances With Democrats”

  1. Lonnie Brennan

    She’s just telling the person asking the long question to roll it along, keep moving, get to your point. Warren probably has to pee or something. She can’t stand still. And she NEVER listens to anyone.

  2. Mt Woman

    Such an arrogant #itch. Not sure what the gesture had to do with the question being asked. Maybe she was listening to her favorite dance music thru her ear piece, Tina Turner’s Proud Mary, you know, “rollin’ on a river”

  3. Hawk1776

    Someone in the audience made a comment about Glass Steagall, which separated commercial banking and investment banking. Dizzie Lizzie wants a new Glass Steagall, hence the celebratory dancing to show her support. She’s not a very good Senator and not a very good dancer either.

  4. Kojack

    I THINK LIE-A-WATHA in a really odd way was showing her approval for reinstating GLASS-STEGAL, one of the few things that FDR got right but repealed by another DEMOCRAP – Bill Clinton, our sexual predator POTUS.

    Concerning the DEMOCRAPS “BETTER DEAL” – everyone on FOX last night missed the point – which is that DEMOCRAPS DON’T REALLY BELIEVE IN FREE-MARKET CAPITALISM. Everything Chuck U Schumer bloviated about was contrary to what THEY REALLY BELEIVE and what their policies promote.

    Also significant is that they have finally admitted that what Trump campaigned on, borders, jobs, security, rebuilding the military, tax cuts, etc., is what people care about. They don’t give a rat’s ass about MOONBAT ISSUES such as social justice, trans-gender bathroom’s, etc. In effect they’re trying to out-Trump Trump, which they haven’t got the slightest idea how to do even if they REALLY wanted to.

    He only made 1 HONEST point that was telling when he said they are going to create a “special special(not a type-o) office to initiate investigations” meaning their answer to everything…more gov’t and more gov’t control.

  5. GreenBeretLTC

    Such a gaggle of fools…..

  6. Sonny's Mom

    Did I see Nancy Pelosi giving Warren a dirty look?