Squatty-Body Nadler Threatens Trump

Posted November 30th, 2019 by Iron Mike

There is something terribly wrong with the NYC Congressman, – something way beyond his 100 pound weight loss (Laparoscopy) and the resulting disproportionality of his body parts. His brain is fixated on his decades-long hatred of our President.
As Shifty Schiff’s Kangaroo Court has concluded, – Squatty-Body Nadler gets his turn to operate his own Star Chamber in the House Judiciary Committee.
He’s threatening to re-open ‘an inquiry’ into the original “Russian Meddling in the 2016 Election” issue.   He’s just issued Trump an ultimatum:
“Decide by December 6th if you want to participate!”

Nadler is a classic case of a frail brain consumed and riddled with decades of personal hatred, and now drunk on the petty power of a House Committee Chairmanship.

Our House of Representatives – currently led by Speaker Pelosi, – has dithered or ignored a long list of pressing issues to include ratifying the USMCA,  building the Wall,  reforming our Immigration Laws, – and dealing with the crisis of deadly drugs being imported from Mexico and China.

Will House Democrats allow Nadler his hate orgy?

Will former Democrat voters across the land cheer him on,  – or turn against his show of personal hatred and revenge, – being held at the expense of our Nation’s best interests?

Something is terribly wrong with Jerry Nadler.  It’s not just his misshapen body,  – it’s in his brain.  He is all hatred and revenge,  there is no patriotism left in there….

It is almost unfathomable that an American political party would allow a vengeful troll like Nadler to hijack our National Agenda to satisfy his personal exercise of revenge…

…until you remember this is the SAME EXACT political party that owned 4 million Black slaves – and started the Civil War in 1861 fearing that Lincoln might free them…

Our Civil War casualties:

South:   490,309  killed

North:    596,670  killed 

Don’t expect our American Media to tell you the truth or to explain the background facts as they unfold.

They need a sensationalized impeachment story to go on for months, – just to keep their viewership up and thus justify their advertising income.

4 Responses to “Squatty-Body Nadler Threatens Trump”

  1. panther 6

    Nadler reminds me of a pear but in reality he is a t–d. How the voters keep electing people like him amazes me. Appears once one gets elected to Congress the system grabs you and you become corrupted.

  2. Tim Murphy

    Looking at the last photo of Nadler
    the expression “caricature of himself” springs to mind.

  3. Varvara

    I’ve seen a photo of Nadler when he weighed another 100 lbs. I don’t know how he could walk.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    Nadler and his corrupt crew are simply working as hard as they can to perpetrate this phony impeachment charade. Americans can see the deception that the Democrats are trying to pull, and it will cost them big in 2020.

    The American people and President Trump will prevail!