Spinning The Lame Duck

Posted September 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

An agonizing dilemma faces Democrats as 2012 looms.

With just 14 short months until Election Day, their Messiah looks ever more lame, inept, unfocused, and irrelevant every day.

Democratic insiders and spinmeisters are agonizing over how to portray the tale of this past 2½ years in a way which can recapture the rapture of 2008.

Even they know there is no way the economy can recover in time to heal the wounds of the disaffected. So they essentially have just three (3) unsavory choices; well, maybe four:

With the stock market crippling along day-to-day on false hopes and faint good news, – with unemployment at historic highs [particularly for Black folks], – with business growth and job creation flat, – and with Americans increasingly angry over Obama’s failure to secure the Mexican border, – Obama campaign planner David Axelrod faces a bleak task.

Even the killing of Usama bin Laden backfired. Obama looked like a scared spectator in the Situation Room, and then both he and Biden blabbed the highly classified military secret of which unit killed him. 

Instead of looking like the ‘competent commander’ – he looked like an opportunist political hack – claiming credit of the work and bravery of better men.

His ‘victory lap’ to Fort Campbell and Fort Drum showed clearly that our troops – who once gave him the benefit o f the doubt – now thoroughly loathe him.

The bus tour on the Canadian-build Darth Vadar bus backfired, when it was revealed that Obama didn’t even ride the damned bus – but flew from stop to stop.

Another self-inflicted wound was announcing he had a ‘master plan to create jobs‘ – then going on vacation in Martha’s Vineyard for two weeks – as if jobs could wait.

To make things worse – even Hurricane Irene fizzled on him – making him once again look foolish and irrelevant sitting in FEMA headquarters while Irene dissipated inland.

Now his arrogance and narcissism was on full display as he announced an Address before a Joint Session – without the common courtesy of asking Speaker Boehner.  Rebuffed quickly by the Speaker – he looks like an upstart put in his place by an adult.

With at least a dozen stalwart Republicans [plus Mitt Romney and Ron Paul] – frothing at the bit to take him on next year – how can David Axelrod possibly find enough lipstick to put on this pig? How can they make Obama look like ‘presidential timber’ to their flock of jaded and more skeptical followers?

Can any but the most ardent ideological socialists among the American voting-age population not be worried that a second Obama term will destroy their retirement plans and nest eggs?

Can American Blacks – now suffering 16.7% unemployment [40% for Blacks under age 30] not be wondering if they were led down the garden path by a false messiah?  Are they beginning to see Obama in the same light as Jessie Jackson and Al Sharpton – i.e. as a self-promoting charlatan – one unable to deliver jobs or respect?


The Democrat’s Three Unsavory Choices:


THE BLAME GAME: They can claim that Obama is still a truly enlightened 21st Century economic and political genius; and that his failure to accomplish anything but record unemployment, a stagnant economy, and TEA Party anger – is all the fault of the left-over problems of George Bush, of those mean-spirited Republicans, of the TEA Party, and American racism.

The Backlash:  Blaming others is a well-established diagnostic tip-off to a narcissist, and Americans are becoming increasingly aware that Obama is probably a severe narcissist.

Blaming other – vilifying Republicans and TEA Party folks – branding them ‘racists’ – produces a VERY negative campaign theme sure to turn off the undecided.

Americans have never elected ‘victims’; – they want leaders.

It admits that Obama either wasn’t visionary enough for the job, – or not leader enough to persuade the Republican minority for two full years to underwrite his programs.

It begs the question – ‘Who would be strong enough to continue the Socialist Mission?


THE RESET BUTTON:  Democrats can suddenly admit that Obama is not God’s Gift to America’s 21st Century economic and political problems. They can admit that a background of actual accomplishments and valid credentials DO MATTER, and admit that in November 2008 Obama was seriously short in both categories. They can admit that he was never really up to the job.

Admitting that, – they can then claim that these past years have been Obama’s ‘on-the-job learning laboratory’ – and that NOW he is finally ready to complete his job – if America will just give him four more years.

The Downside: They will have to admit that he wasn’t ready for prime time; that he came onto the world stage unrehearsed, untried, and relying on teleprompters and speechwriters. They would have to admit that he was flawed from the get-go, that his first term has been a series of self-inflicted disasters, and that he is ‘partly responsible’ for the downtrodden economy.

THEN they’d have to somehow make him look as if he just graduated from Charm School – ans was now finally ready to lead us out of despair. They’d have to sell their faithful that even a flawed Obama is better than any Republican – or even Romney or Paul.

I think Axelrod knows Obama well enough by now to know he could NEVER pull off that act, – even if American Democrats were still just as gullible in 2012 as they were in 2008. I think he knows a LOT of Democrats are now unemployed, aware, and angry at being fooled.


THE ONWARD TO SOCIALISM PLOY:  Axelrod, Jarrett, and the Cartel can admit what we’ve known all along – that from the beginning Obama has been an agent of Socialism – dedicated to subverting our Constitution, crippling and destroying our system of Free Market Capitalism, and bringing America down a few notches to the level of a third world nation with minimal economic and military muscle.

This is the bold approach.  It gambles that by 2012 there are enough registered voters [mostly minorities] who have been schooled and rehearsed in ‘entitlement politics’ – i.e. schooled to believe that government exists to ‘take from the rich and provide for the people‘ to overwhelm election officials and voting booths in November 2012. It counts heavily on socialist groups like ACORN, Neighbor-to-Neighbor, MoveON, and union thuggery from outfits like the Teamsters, the teachers, and the SEIU.

This approach also uses the fear and intimidation tactics of street thuggery and cries of ‘racism’.

The Shortfall: With Obama’s approval ratings now at just 40% – and falling fast, there is a strong likelihood that even thuggery will not dissuade voters from recapturing their government next November.

Most of the Republican candidates today are more inspiring that was John McCain, so older Republicans and independents will see a significant difference between the failed Obama and the Republican standard bearer. This time they’ll come out to vote.

Because a lot of old-time Real Democrats still want nothing to do with socialism, selling Obama as ‘Socialism’s Last Best Chance’ will be a turn-off.


THE AXELROD DESPERATION PLAY:   A new quarterback – Hillary!

If by December Axelrod’s secret polling tells him what we suspect it will – that Obama is totally unelectable – he’s got to make a move to save the Great March to Socialism. He’ll draft Hillary, maybe with Lurch [John F*ing Kerry] as her VP – and hope that America’s Democratic women are willing to vote for a known socialist – just to ‘make history by electing America’s first woman president’.

The gamble here is hoping people will forget Whitewater, the Rose Law Firm, TravelGate, the stained black dress, the impeachment, and of course – that Kerry picked Edwards in 2004.

2012 will be a turning point year for America. If either Obama or Hillary is elected, our socialist future is sealed and our Constitution will be retired.

Or, maybe Americans will realize the experiment has been a colossal failure – one which cost many hard-working citizens any chance of the comfortable quiet retirement they’ve worked decades for, and saddled our grandchildren with ungodly amounts of public debt.

Get involved, and get your kids and grandkids involved.

   /s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

4 Responses to “Spinning The Lame Duck”

  1. Perplexed Senior

    The Obamunists with their limping leader Zerobama are finally in the implosion mode. The jobs, I mean campaign speech, before the Joint Session on Thursday will be viewed by the compliant media, lapdog liberals and nobody else. Why would you want to miss the NFL Opener Pregame Show? Are you ready for FOOTBALL or just more BS?

  2. Neil

    If we are lucky, he will stay on vacation until 2012

  3. Blossom Stiefel

    The reckless spending, debt, unemployment, the size of government, the liberal agenda is wreaking havoc on this country. I am very worried about all of it, but for the first time in my life I am scared for the future of our great nation, and what we are leaving to our children.

    President Obama is putting America on a very dangerous road. He continues to disregard the Constitution and its principles. He forced his unconstitutional healthcare bill through, even though the majority of the people are against it.

    He took us into a “war” in Libya without Congressional approval, he signed an Executive Fiat to put the Dream Act in place, even though the people and Congress didn’t approve of it. He can’t do enough to destroy our liberties and our freedoms. He is a real treat to the well being of our nation.

    America must elect a new President in 2012 who will bring our country back to the greatness that we had have always enjoyed.

  4. Karen G

    This country is indeed in trouble if we can’t rid the White House of barack and his cast of crooked characters. Iron Mike is right, if we don’t take action and prevail in 2012, America will never be the same.

    I am cautiously heartened by the fact that everyone, and I mean everyone, that I have talked with over the last few months feels the same way. And, I have a more than sneaking suspicion that some of these people may have voted for the hope and change huckster and are now embarassed by their decision.

    We must keep up the conversations, and try every day to convince our friends and colleagues, hell even strangers on the street, to vote him out — ONE AND DONE!