Speech Police Behead Another Voice

Posted April 21st, 2016 by Iron Mike

Self-appointed ESPN fired Curt Schilling – said his speech is “unacceptable”.
Transgender Parade
Curt was being sympathetic with the good folks down in North Carolina who want Male Transgenders to stay OUT of their Ladies Rooms.  His biggest sin was saying it on the air.

In our world gone mad,  many gays and transgendered people are pressuring Government to let them do things that common sense and child safety have traditionally forbidden.

Perhaps some of these folks are truly innocent, but some are evil people who want access to your children – in the relative safety of public restrooms, – and they’ve argued their case as “Equal Protection”…..

Curt – along with the North Carolina Legislature – called them on their evil bullshit – and North Carolina laid down the LAW!   Suddenly there is a Transgender Uprising.

Meet Chad:   Chad Eugene Severance

Chad Severance pedophile with children

Chad is leading the fight against the new North Carolina law….

Chad Severance NoCarolina

Chad is a convicted pedophile and registered sex offender,…who demands access to that same public restroom where your daughter and your niece are taking a pee…

So ask yourself….how is any parent,  any cop,  or any jury going to be able to tell the difference between a Bruce / Caitlyn Jenner and a Chad Severance…?

Bruce Caitlyn Jenner Chad Severance

What ‘government’ would deliberately grant ridiculous ‘rights’ to a class of people – knowing they are paving a 4-lane superhighway for child molesters, rapists, and pedophiles…?

Only a government dominated by liberal DemoCraps – like here in Massachusetts.

Anybody remember this troubled and troublesome transgender…and the damage he / she did to our country?

Bradley Chelsea Manning

How about Robert Kosilek – the ‘transgendered man’ who strangled his wife

– and now wants taxpayers to pay for his sex change operation…..

so under his new name ‘Michelle Kosilek’ – he can get a “Get out of Jail Card” 

–  under the pretext that “…the man who committed that murder – no longer exists…”.

Killer Sex-Change Judges

Folks, when is this ungodly madness going to end?


Can Transgender people be dangerous…?

Some!   Some have resentment and anger issues….

Do you recall last August 26th – in Moneta,  Virginia when angry and vengeful transgendered Vester Lee Flanagan stalked and shot TV Reporter Alison Parker and her cameraman Adam Ward – on live TV?
Vester Lee Flanagan  transgender killer

6 Responses to “Speech Police Behead Another Voice”

  1. Hawk1776

    Shilling said what most people feel. Allowing transgenders to use the restrooms of their choice empowers less than 1% of the population and disenfranchises everyone else. Although most men probably don’t care with whom they share a restroom, I doubt the same is true for most women. I’m sure my wife and daughters don’t want to share a restroom with a “guy”. This is trending towards unisex restrooms; remove the gender signs. Is this what the public really wants? I don’t think so but the LGBT community is well organized. Restroom gender signs are there for a reason. Common sense says they should remain and should be honored.


    your identity is already stated by your birth certificate.


  3. Jim Gettens

    Curt Schilling responds:


  4. kojack

    All the madness started with the homos “coming out” and society’s “tolerance” of it. If they had remained in the closet where they belong we wouldn’t be dealing with this BS. Now they have to march in everyone else’s parade to declare their deviance from sexual normality and the transgenders, even more freakish, want their turn. This is the price we pay for placating a mental illness.

  5. #blackgunsmatter

    Call me crazy, but I don’t want my family anywhere near these weirdos. They belong in a halfway house. Instead, they are celebrated. I work in an environment where I can’t say a word about these freaks without becoming a Curt Shilling…

    I think there’s a bill in the Mass legislature giving them bathroom “rights.” What about my right to own ANY gun I want without the AG telling me which ones are “safe” to own. Total BS.

    We have become Freak Show Nation, folks…

  6. #blackgunsmatter

    By the way, many thought that this BS would end after they got their “gay marriage,” which I still don’t recognize as being legit. IT WILL NEVER END. They are nasty folks that don’t have a cause without creating strife/problems. They will always further their whack-job agenda more and more…pushing the boundaries more and more.