Soy-Boy Mayor Wheeler Gets Death Threat…

Posted April 30th, 2021 by Iron Mike

In politics as in nature – weakness attracts predators, – in Portland’s case the AntiFA hyenas…

Some AntiFA goons posted a video obliquely threatening Portland’s soy-boy mayor,  – and now the FBI is investigating.

Soros picked Portland as his AntiFA boot camp for a number of reasons:

  • it sits astride the key north-south highway and rail systems
  • it was already ultra über-liberal.
  • It already had communists elected to city government.
  • the local liberal colleges were full of badly educated snot-nose know-it-all spoiled twerps – aka ready cannon-fodder.
  • Oregon’s governor Kate Brown was solidly anti-Trump.  She wouldn’t call for help.

Now three years into the battle – federal buildings have been vandalized,  fortified,  set afire,  and local businesses have coughed up a fortune in “contributions” to BLM and AntiFA…

They forced Mayor Wheeler out of his apartment last September.

Now they want him to resign,  – i.e. a humiliating public surrender to the POWER of the masked mob.

These AntiFA goons are now well-schooled in communist revolutionary tactics and strategy.

They KNOW that Puppet pResident Biden won’t send in troops this summer,  – and they KNOW that Governor Brown is a left-wing sympathizer who won’t call for Federal Help,  – because it might show that a female governor is weak…

Unless,  – and UNTIL – the AntiFA leaders are arrested and KEPT IN JAIL,  – Wheeler will have no peace.  He is a wounded wildebeest – beset by lions.

And the local Soros DA Mike Schmidt will look on smiling,  as he releases any AntiFA goons on low bail – or even no bail.   He takes his orders from Soros.

In many ways the AntiFA siege of Portland is similar to the Red Brigades terrorism in Italy during the 1970s and 1980s,  – when a small cadre of dedicated communist youth terrorized the entire nation.

They had the sympathy of the population because the series of Italian governments were ineffective and corrupt.

It wasn’t until the Red Brigades went too far with their kidnappings and murders that the public turned on them.

Portland will be a bloody mess this summer!

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