South Carolina Elects Sanford – Again!

Posted May 8th, 2013 by Iron Mike

Prodigal Son Mark Sanford wins 54% forgiveness – wins his old seat in Congress.  Overcomes even the hip celebrity factor of Steven Colbert!
Sanford Wins

In an election as feisty and nasty as any in recent history, Former Governor Mark Sanford staged a political comeback – his soul-mate Maria by his side – and retook his old 1st Congressional District.

And,…did so over the celebrity of Stephen Colbert, Nancy Pelosi and even the 2nd most stupid woman in Congress – Sheila Jackson Lee.  

The Democrat [socialist] running was comedian Colbert’s sister – Elizabeth Colbert-Busch.  In her, Dems pinned their hopes of beginning to retake Congress.  Nancy Pelosi raised huge sums for her as did the local unions.

The International Association of Machinists is the union that had filed a lawsuit to stop Boeing from building the 787 Dreamliner in Charleston.  Think that had some local kickback? 

Personally, I think at least a decisive 6% of voters have awakened to the fact that Colbert and his buddy Jon Steward are not the news,  and that this new socialist world being created by Pelosi, Reid, and the Obama Cartel is not good for America.

Or maybe the gentle smile of Maria Belen Chapur was a lot easier for voters to watch than the snarling Pelosi and Jackson Lee.  In any case, thank you South Carolinians!

Hey Massachusetts, how come WE don’t make airplanes?

11 Responses to “South Carolina Elects Sanford – Again!”

  1. Alex Patton

    Sorry, but I think as the GOP, we must do better than this.

    Here is my take:



    Yes, we agree Alex, Mark Sanford is not our ideal candidate.

    BUT, given the 16-candidate stockcar race SC had in it’s Republican Primary,…at least he’ll vote mostly on our side in Congress.

    Remember the Democrats elected, then re-elected serial priapic Bill Clinton, bi-sexual Obama, and will soon be trying to elect lesbian Hillary….

    They also elected such notables as Gerry Studds, Barney Frank and Anthony Weiner…

    Since we’re stuck here in Demochusetts – we’ll gladly take any REAL Republican – so long as he doesn’t do a Scott Brown on us….

    Thanks for clicking in and for your comment!

  2. Walter Knight

    What’s the point of being a powerful politician if you can’t have a HOT girlfriend? At least he’s straight, sort of.

  3. MC

    Alex: I think the GOP has to learn to be more flexible and strive for being more fiscally conservative.

    Not that I condone what Sanford did but comparing him to some present and former politicians…………….

    The younger voters have a totally different mindset. They are more concerned with the economics and get turned away by other issues. States issues should be left to each State, – and kept out of the national arena.

    Are they right or wrong? They in the long run will be paying for the mistakes that have been made recently. So let’s not give the Democratics the “hook” that is needed to reel them all in.

  4. Casey Chapman

    I am glad to see that a Republican won, but we all know how the Dumbocrats will try to spin this. They’ll be claiming that if he can stage a comeback, so can Weiner. And mark my words, the Weiner will rise from the dead again. If he does, it’ll be just what the New Yorkers deserve.

  5. Alex Patton

    MC, I repeat,

    So values no longer matter at all? Where is the line? If a guy has multiple felony convictions, but promises to cut spending? Are we good? Let’s take this to the extreme – a child molester vows to cut spending – I ask you, “Are we good?”

    My point is, can we not find a candidate that believes in reducing spending that does not use tax payer money to go see his mistress?

    Is that too much to ask? Or are we now a party void of all morals, anything goes?

    Funny thing is, if you knew me – I am not the holy than thou Republican, but there must be a line.

  6. Walter Knight

    Just because the GOP got a victory in South Carolina does not mean the Weiner will rise again in New York. In New york the low information voters got too much information. In South Caroline, we want more.


  7. Kojack

    What Sanford did was a personal transgression after which he at least had the decency to resign. He did not violate the trust of his constituents by voting against their wishes as did Scott RiNO Brown.

  8. Alex Patton

    No, he just used tax payer money to finance a visit to his mistress, disappeared for a week, etc. How are these not violations of trust?

  9. Walter Knight

    Of course Alex Patton is right. Sanford should have been prosecuted for misusing taxpaers’ money. But, he wasn’t.

    In South Carolina the voters had a choice between a liberal or a conservative. The liberal would give away tax payers’ money, while the conservative we hope would be more responsible.

    Republicans, or anyone, should not be one-issue voters when screening candidates, be it abortion, religion, or trips to Rio. The problem is the media only wants scandal to stick to Republicans, while Democrats get a pass. If you look at the big picture, South Carolina chose the best candidate available.

    As for Weiner, if he wants to rise again, let him try. It’s a free country. This man aspired to be the next Mayor of New York. Be it junk mail, or junk food, New York will vet its candidates based on a mix of personality and issues, just like everyone else.

  10. Victor

    okay for a republican to have an affair, but not john edwards or any democrat?

  11. George J. Stamas

    Alex, which will cost the taxpayers more, – an extra-marital tryst or Dodd-Frank, – useless gun control and the SC decisions that will be negatively affected by the nomination of Elena Kegan?!?!

    I don’t condone what Sanford did or the taxpayer funds that may have fueled it, but in the end it will be much less costly than some of Scott Brown’s votes.