Sotomayor Stiff-Arms NY City Teachers!

Posted October 2nd, 2021 by Iron Mike

Was Sotomayor’s refusal to take up the plea from the NYC Teachers a sign of personal laziness,  – or a signal the Court doesn’t want to be stuck playing doctor?
De Blasio seems free to continue ruling by decree…

The refusal by the “Wise Latina” to refer the Teacher’s Plea to the full court is a clear indication that with Trump out of the mix for a few years,  – the Democraps have nothing and nobody to unite behind.

De Blasio is a life-long commie – disguised as a “Progressive Democrat”.

At his core he is a communist dictator,  re-elected in 2017 by a mere 760,112 votes (just 15%) of NY City’s 5,053,842 registered voters. (The Republican got just 316,947 i.e. 6%.)

TRANSLATION: NY City dwellers are so dumbed down they don’t bother to vote for who rules them,  – so long as the dead bodies and garbage gets picked up.

So de Blasio will continue to rule as a Czar (or Commissar),  – because his own sheeple just don’t give a fuck!

Back in early 2020 he actually ~ believed ~ he could win the Democrap nomination,  – because he was the tallest candidate.  Big Man Syndrome…

TODAY the Democrap Party is badly fractured.  Actually they always have been,  but in normal times they usually hide it well – by all pointing fingers and blaming the most conspicuous Republican:

Herbert Hoover, Ike, Nixon, Ronald Reagan, Oliver North, GHW Bush, GW Bush, Rudy Giuliani, Rush Limbaugh,….and lately Trump.

Now we’re watching them form circular firing squads:  Lloyd Austin,  General Milley,  Antony Blinken,  Joe Biden,  Pelosi,  Schumer,  the Squad,  Joe Manchin,  Kyrsten Sinema, Bernie Sanders.

Jen Psaki is twisted into a pretzel trying to memorize the “Cover Story of the Day”.

Chinese President Xi Jinping sure is getting his money’s worth!

Who can sniveling union teachers turn to now…?

They ELECTED the Communist Mayor who is about to FIRE THEM.

They ELECTED the pResident who nominated Sotomayor,

….AND…they ELECTED the Dementia-riddled buffoon in that office today!

Oh woe is T-H-E-M-!

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