Soros Mob Beats Gay Wisconsin Senator

Posted June 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Openly gay Democrat Wisconsin State Senator Tim Carpenter was jumped and beaten by the statue-toppling mob Tuesday night in Madison.
They probably had no clue who he was,  – just an older white guy out in the street,  – no cops around to protect him,  – an easy target.   Can we venture a guess that Carpenter travels unarmed?

Madison is a city of 250,000 – at least 20% college students…who don’t get much History in their classes….

You are watching a replay of Germany in the 1929 – 1934 time period,  – when the Nazi Party was using violence to scare off opposing voices,  and intimidation to force people to vote for them.

Today the targets are statues,  police stations,  and businesses near Black neighborhoods.

Soon they’ll be in the suburbs,  – where police departments are totally untrained,  and unequipped to handle anything like this.  They’ll be after monuments, statues, town halls and libraries,  churches,  – even schools.

Your nice little town may burn this summer and fall.  Your local LibTurd Politicians will try to appease the mob.

BE ADVISED:  When the mob comes to town,  some of your local youth (the perpetual losers) – will gleefully join them. 

That weird misfit neighbor kid may direct them to your house. 


One Response to “Soros Mob Beats Gay Wisconsin Senator”

  1. Len Mead


    A friend just challenged me to “prove” Soros is funding these anarchists.

    Do you have specific references connecting Soros to the current looting, fires, statue toppling and violence?

    They seem very hard to find — probably because the hate Trump media covers them up?

    Len Mead


    Follow the MONEY – connect the DOTS.

    Start with the web called the TIDES Foundation…

    BTW – that’s no ‘friend’….just sayin’…