Soros Gun-Pussies Vilify The NRA

Posted March 8th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Connecticut’s two most inept Democrats have joined the Soros army of gun-bashing useful idiots.  The new war-cry is to call the NRA ‘a terrorist organization’ The stupid people will buy into it.

Mind you,  Bronin’s crime-ridden city was so broke they were going to lay off firemen, cops, and teachers without a state bailout.   And under Malloy’s rudderless leadership major corporations like GE have fled his over-taxed state.   But they are proud to claim ‘sanctuary’ for illegals – including MS-13.

FULL DISCLOSURE:  I lived in Connecticut for 5 years,  – commanded an ass-kicking national guard infantry company there,  – back when ~ most ~ of the Democrats there were trust-worthy patriots.

But things went downhill in a hurry.  Then came Sandy Hook,  – and the usual Democrat knee-jerk over-reaction

Through their tears they blamed GUNS.

And did so without thinking for even a minute that their state is home to both gun manufacturers AND major defense industries.

Malloy and Bronin never learned their State’s History – so they don’t know that in 1776 Governor Trumbull ordered his Militia – the famed ‘Iron Greys’ – to “Stand Forth” and march to join Washington in the defense of New York.

Now all these gun-phobic pussified democrats can do is vilify guns,  ban anything that looks scary,  – and for good measure call America’s premier patriots – the NRA – ‘Terrorists’.

It is a calculated appeal to their liberal base,  directed by that master subversive Hungarian grave-robber – George Soros.

The immediate issue is a proposed change in the State Gun Laws – one which would EXCLUDE the NRA as the preferred source of a person getting a qualifying gun safety course,  – to obtain one of Connecticut’s all-but-impossible gun permits.

In other words,  – it’s a cheap tawdry political move meant to vilify the NRA;  – it’s not intended to enable concerned citizens to get top-notch gun training from responsible instructors.

Malloy’s office number:  860  566-4840
Toll-Free:  800  406-1527

One Response to “Soros Gun-Pussies Vilify The NRA”

  1. Kojack

    Yet more evidence that LIBERALISM IS A MENTAL DISORDER. It’s scary that the vote of the leeching plantation dwellers and elitists in places like Newton and Wellsley has allowed them to control virtually all of the major cities and densely populated areas of both coasts, allowing them to FORCE their insane anti-gun/anti-American agenda on law abiding citizens and leaving criminal scum like MS-13 unaffected.