Songbird McCain & Crazy Old Joe Biden

Posted March 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

Just 11 years after the Democrats were excoriating John McCain, – suddenly he’s their “Brave National War Hero”….? They’re delighted with his role in sending the GPS Golden Showers Memo to the Media and the FBI!

And suddenly they’re looking at our National Village Idiot as someone who ~ might ~ beat the hated Trump,  ~ if ~ they can find a young Black woman to run with him….  They’re thinking Stacey Abrams…?   Desperation?

FULL DISCLOSURE:   I was an uninformed McCain fan back in 2000,  his bumper sticker was on my car until 9/11 – when I watched GW step fully into the role of being President.  McCain had helped me with an urgent military matter back in 1998,  – and for that I remain grateful.  But that was a different McCain.

What most Americans didn’t know in 2000 and 2008 was the sordid side of John’s naval and personal background.  The media kept things under wraps because at least he was a liberal republican,  – and most of them really didn’t like the arrogant VP Al Gore….

With the explosion of the internet,  – to include blogs like RRB,  – most candidates can’t really hide their past sins anymore.  Just ask Beto O’Rourke….

Somewhere between 2008 and 2016 – McCain became a bitter and vengeful man – and seemed to focus his wrath on Donald Trump.  Trump saw through his vernier of “heroic Vietnam POW” and was quick to call him on it.

So McCain worked to destroy Trump – even if it would mean the traitor Hillary might become President.

He helped her by passing the Fusion GPS Golden Showers dossier to the media and the FBI.  In doing so he was back-stabbing the entire Republican Party.

And in planning his own funeral,  McCain saw himself as the Vengeful Voice of the People,  – his entire funeral was an endless exercise in Trump-bashing.

Today Democrats are rallying around McCain – even trying to rename a Senate office building after him – which would be an absolute insult to all the worthy Americans who have gone into uniform and into combat – and behaved honorably. 

But Democrats have so few heroes of their own….


As for Crazy Old Joe Biden….

Having watched Donald Trump effectively rebuild our economy in just two years,  – Democrats are desperate he not get a full 8 years to show America what is possible with level-headed adult leadership….   It would undo their 100-year Socialist Plan….

But they know the young Socialists like AOC,  Beto,  and the Squaw,  – and Muslims like Tlaib and Omar,  – are likely to turn voters away from the DNC and hand Trump an easy re-election.

They want someone who looks like “mainstream America”  – and Crazy Old Joe is the best they can find….

How very far the Party of Harry Truman and JFK has fallen – starting with the 1976 election of that fraud Jimmy Carter….

The Party of EBT Cards is now thinking of having an EBT Welfare QueenStacey Abrams – run as Biden’s VP.

Please note that today nobody in the Democrat (Socialist) Party can explain how their Green New Deal would work,  – or how “Reparations” would be paid out to the descendants of former slaves….

…they don’t NEED to “explain”, – they let images tell the story they want their followers to believe….

4 Responses to “Songbird McCain & Crazy Old Joe Biden”

  1. Kojack

    McCain had only himself to blame for losing in 2008. There was plenty of dirt on Hussein but he wouldn’t use it and he wouldn’t allow his campaign to use it either. He also kept Sarah Palin reigned in.

  2. Ben

    He really had me fooled. I have read so much about the man and was really proud to say he was an American hero. I lost a lot of respect for him when he ran against Obama. It seemed like he let Obama walk all over him. I commend him for his service to the country but he didn’t fight hard enough for the presidency. I still think he could have won. I guess I’ll never know.

  3. Leonard Mead

    This one of your best history summaries. It is what the “lame stream” media knew but, of course, never reported.

    McCain was a captured prisoner of war because he didn’t operate his plane as instructed — flew much too low and to avoid crashing on ejection failed to clasp his arms inward as he was trained and as a result “wet start” McCain (look it up) broke or damaged both arms wile ejecting with explosive force.

    In “Going Rogue,” Sarah Palin’s description of running as VP with McCain explains how she was kept OUT of the information loop, used as eye-candy, criticized for buying reasonably good looking clothes, and shunned when suggesting he was not hard enough on his critics (both in the primary and against the democrats) where he positioned himself as Republican LITE.

    Republicans stayed away and democrats realized, why get Republican LITE when we can actually get a DEMOCRAT MUSLIM — OBAMA.

    The rest is history — but thank God we now have TRUMP ROASTING the democrats AND destroying McCain’s unjust media adoration.
    Len Mead,
    Unwashed Conservative who put on a gas mask and voted for McCain

  4. panther 6

    Do not like to speak ill of the dead but John McCain was no War Hero. There are any number of internet sites out there that can elaborate more. Frankly don’t waste your time but I assure you our current President is right in his comments about the Senator.