Sometimes Heroes Just Sit There….

Posted May 13th, 2013 by Iron Mike

…and spend weeks listening to horrific details,…then deliberate in great detail over what they’ve heard,…and reach a verdict.
Gosnell Jury
RRB thanks the jurors who had to endure the horrible details of this bastard’s deeds.

3 Responses to “Sometimes Heroes Just Sit There….”

  1. Casey Chapman

    It is a shame, that he was only found guilty of 3 murders. He has several other charges against him that he will have to answer for, like third trimester abortions by the hundreds—-illegal on their own little onuses. Speaking of which, he had freezers full of baby parts and jars of baby feet on his desk. I’d be willing to bet, that he won’t last 6 months in jail.. Prisoners do NOT like baby killers. They’ll take care of business, while he awaits death row to do its thing.

  2. BigSkyCountry

    Gosnell will answer, all will who will be on the wrong side of Judgement, ie: the great White Throne Judgement .. They might get by, but they won’t get away.. GOD can afford to wait.. for the Second Death.

  3. CajunCountry

    Once they put this monster in solitary confinement, as they won’t be able to put him in general population, I hope the the faces of all those that he has murdered “haunt” his every solitary thought.

    I would not wish a living hell on anyone, but then again with this monster, I can’t think of a better place.