Some Snarly Aspen Lesbians

Posted December 30th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Is being ‘Gay’ a condition or a cause?    Some young ‘ladies’ in Aspen went to considerable trouble to make a statement to Vice President Mike Pence as he spent the New Year weekend there. They had a banner made – and draped it at the entrance to his driveway.

What was their ‘need’ to go to this expense and trouble?  Why did they need the media attention, – not enough excitement in their lives…?

At RRB we wonder what would have happened if Mike Pence had walked next door and asked the ladies to bake him a cake….?

And,…we wonder how these ladies’ stock portfolio has done this past year…?

Or is ‘being gay’ the only issue in their lives…?

As I post this I’m wondering…if these ladies are the gay versions of Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson?

Do they plan on making a living at being gay?

I guess you should check the calendar before you book your ski week at Aspen,…particularly if you’re taking your kids….

6 Responses to “Some Snarly Aspen Lesbians”

  1. Sherox

    Why does anyone need a gay ski week?

  2. John Pagel

    Sad, sad , sad almost people. Too bad they won’t disappear if we just ignore them.

  3. Panther 6

    I have no problem with gays who stick to their lifestyle and DON’T try to push it on me, my kids or my grand kids. Sadly this is not the case for some who want everyone to be like them. Sorry that dog don’t hunt in my life.

  4. Vince Picarello

    Sorry to say it is both, a condition and a cause… but I continue to believe it is a condition that is promoted and not a condition you are born with… just my opinion.

  5. Catherine

    There are two possibilities:
    1. Being gay is a trait one is born with.
    2. It is a lifestyle choice.

    You get to pick one. ONLY one.

    If the former, it is a tiny percentage of the population (I recall seeing 3% somewhere, on a government statistics site). They would deserve the full protection of the law for holding jobs, renting housing, etc, provided small family-owned businesses and rentals are not required to abandon their own principles. One might also rightfully question a particular person’s suitability for a specific job – say, counseling heterosexual couples contemplating divorce. Just as one could rightfully question a celibate priest’s ability to counsel someone with a sexual condition or addiction – or a 5’4″ man’s ability to be an NBA center. That is NOT prejudice, or unfair. Those persons so afflicted should be accepted as having no control over their condition – like someone born deaf, or with a club foot. You’re coping well, we do not pity you, we simply understand you have a congenital problem and wish you well.

    If the latter, that choice can ONLY be made by fully grown adults, under NO pressure from friends, family, society, to do so. It does NOT belong in elementary schools, forcibly taught as a legitimate and consequences-free choice.

    The nonsensical “make America ‘gay’ again” is a statement that America was once gay – no; it has never been so, and that it should be again – no; if hereditary it cannot be spread (literally; those attracted to the same sex cannot reproduce, and this trait would die out naturally over time). If a choice, it still is nothing that people should aspire to. If forcibly demanded, it must be resisted equally strongly in a country founded on individual freedom and SELF-determination.

    This flagging of the post – and all the similar nonsense promulgated by the adherents of this agenda – are simply the acts of self-deluded narcissists demanding attention they do not deserve.

  6. Kojack

    Back in the 80’s the gay agenda was “coming out”. The agenda now is to “normalize” homosexuality. That is why they wanted the right to marry even though they already had civil unions and to push it in the public schools where it doesn’t belong. Personally, I have no problem with gays who keep it to themselves. Unfortunately, they increasingly intrude into everyone else’s space with an “in your face” attitude (i.e. their insistence to march in the St. Patrick’s Day Parade when they have a gay pride parade already) in their quest to be accepted as normal. When they can procreate between themselves maybe I’ll consider it.