So Rare: A General With Honor!

Posted July 19th, 2017 by Iron Mike

With his soldiers deployed across the southern Sahara and in the streets of his major cities,  France’s top general resigns in the face of budget cuts from his socialist boy president.

The French defense budget is some $56 Billion – about 2.3% of their GDP.   Macron plans to cut that by $1 Billion – nearly 2%,  – at a time France has troops in the fray in Africa – and deployed on the streets of their major cities.

Thinking back to our war in Vietnam – where both Presidents Kennedy and Johnson were phony ‘war heroes’ and totally inept at planning or directing that war,  – and none of our generals would stand up to them….

.I can only stand in awe of General de Villers for his courage and his personal honor to make this public statement of defiance.

Mind you,  – Macron’s planned cuts come in the face of President Trump’s insistence that NATO nations pony up their fair share of NATO’s cost,  – something the US has been carrying.

So Macron is being both defiant to Trump – and oblivious to the growing Islamic terrorist threat in his major cities.

This does not bode well for France or NATO,  – or for Western Civilization.  France is the key immediate objective of the Islamist movement;  – they want to get their hands on France’s nuclear weapons.

I predict that a lot of French blood will be spilled in these next two years.

As for France’s commitment to NATO,….it sure looks like Macron will surrender to any invading force….

4 Responses to “So Rare: A General With Honor!”

  1. Old Scout

    Wake up people, it will be happening here unless Republicans gather together and support Trump!!!!!!

  2. Kojack

    Nice to see that there is still some honor left in the world.

    Europe is doomed to be taken over by the muslims thru birth-rate demographics and cultural suicide. The U.S. should allow the INCREAESED immigration from ethnic Europeans countries EXCLUDING the recent muslim refugees, of course.

  3. Catherine

    Run – Hide – Surrender – Collaborate

    The standard (over the last half-century-plus) French response to any threat.

    Congratulations to this honorable general for refusing to start down this path. Wish I’d gone to France years ago, as a tourist. They’re gone now; it’s just a matter of time. Europe as a whole has committed suicide-by-unresisted-invasion and is dying in front of our eyes. They have neither the ethics/morals, nor the will, to survive. Because that would require facing the problem and throwing out the invaders. And the invaders would tell them they are being mean. Maybe even with a frownie face emoji. Too hard to face…

  4. Walter Knight

    Will the French Foreign Legion fight all of France’s bush wars now?