SNL Clown Is Still Hunting Russians!

Posted October 18th, 2017 by Iron Mike

It was a weird mixture of ugly and stupid in the Senate Chamber today – as Democrats – seemingly spearheaded by the Saturday Night Live Clown – continued their attempts to sell their “Russian Interference” tale…

This hearing was taking the very day after it is revealed that the FBI – (under Director Robert Mueller) told Obama of illegal Russian bribery efforts toward Bill and Hillary Clinton in the months before she concluded the sale of US uranium (used in nuclear bombs) to Russia. Videos below the fold:

The ONLY conclusion is that the ENTIRE DEMOCRAT PARTY is both treasonous and corrupt – down to their very last elected and appointed official and staffer.

And the funniest part…?   Whatever money and effort the Russians spent to meddle in the election of 2016 – doesn’t matter WHO they wanted to win – these treasonous Democrats have multiplied the effect 1000 x times – just by drum-beating the narrative.

Franken the DemoCRAP DUMMY – was literally doing Putin’s work today!

Franken may not be smart enough to connect the dots between the uranium sale and the Bundy Ranch,….but he will faithfully follow any script put in front of him.

In other words,  stupid men in high places can be JUST as dangerous to our Young Republic as outright traitors. Thanks a fuckin’ lot Minnesota!

This is the ENTIRE hearing2 hours 45 min long:

Franken was first elected in 2008 – an election that was badly disputed due to voter fraud.

The legal delays took until June 2009 to be settled by the Minnesota Supreme Court.  The asshole was re-elected in 2014,…so he’ll be there until at least January 2021.

A lot of the farmers in Minnesota come from historically socialist European stock.

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