Snarly Town Hall Debate

Posted October 16th, 2012 by Iron Mike

Obama came out snarling and lying.
Mitt remained a [frustrated] gentleman.

Few direct answers to mostly pro-democrat questions.  ABC blanked Obama’s screen when Mitt was talking about Fast & Furious.

If Obama wanted to re-energize his flagging base, he probably succeeded, but he made no new friends

Mitt made new friends.  Again he looked more presidential, – and more in command of the facts – including the facts of Obama’s investment portfolio.

No final handshakes.  Blood in the water.

Mitt remained a gentleman.  Obama was more animated, – but continued to tell his stump-speech lies. Candy Crowley [aka Mrs. Java the Hutt] was decidedly on Obama’s side.

The debate failed because with just 2 minutes to answer – neither candidate could give a comple answer.  Obama cut into his own time each time – to attack Romney and Republicans.  After several bombastic lies – Crowley cut off Mitt’s rebuttal – pretending to want to move on.

Look at the faces.  Are they convinced?


The Frank Luntz focus group in Las Vegas, Nevada:

6 Responses to “Snarly Town Hall Debate”

  1. Jim Buba

    The BBC was fact checking throughout and caught the Crowley mis-statement which has since filtered through cyber-space.

    I can’t believe how quickly my opinion changed. Before the debate, I was damned certain I was voting for Romney. After the debate, I was so happy I was damned certain.

  2. TeaTime

    And what was the turning his back on Romney and walking away??? Is that how he treats other world leaders?

  3. Neil

    The Liar in Chief strikes again. It truly amazes me how he can lie to the American people and so many of them are stupid enough to believe him.

  4. Walter Knight

    How come no one asked ‘when do I get my free stuff?’

  5. Walter Knight

    After the debate I needed relief, so I watched ‘Bait Car’ for a while.