Snarly GOP Meeting In Georgetown

Posted January 13th, 2017 by Iron Mike

Maybe it was the long dangerous drive in heavy evening traffic and rain…but once the meeting began, – things quickly got snarly,  – with flashes of ugly.   Our hostess for the evening – the Chair of the Georgetown RTC – remarked that she was ‘uncomfortable’.

The room was a mix of grass roots activists,  a few novices and newcomers to Massachusetts Republican politics,  – and the inevitable handful of party insiders.  They’d come to defend the Mouseketeer – who chose to avoid the fray.

In many ways Georgetown is a wealthy and insulated town just off the beaten path.  It was never an industrial center,   so the decimation that 60+ years of Democrat rule and inflicted on other Massachusetts towns didn’t happen here…. 

And most of the 8,000 folks there are wealthy enough to just keep paying taxes and shrug….

Last night most of the folks who came wanted to see a genuine debate.  When it became obvious that Kirsten Hughes hadn’t even bothered to RSVP,  – there was smoldering anger,….just another slap in our faces from this elitist bitch….

But Steve Aylward – ever the gentleman – stood and gave both his personal background as a business leader – and his plan to revitalize our 11% MassGOP.

If anything,  he avoided or understated the travesty we’ve been through in these past ten years,  – and certainly these past 4 under Hughes…. It’s that gentleman thing.

Others were loath to let her off the hook.  There were pointed questions about the obvious attempts by the MassGOP to ignore the Trump campaign all summer – and even AFTER the RNC.  Things got heated as several spoke about Victory Offices being locked,  – or even turning away Trump volunteers….

Most of those folks went and worked in New Hampshire, and had tales of being welcomed like lost relatives….

There were several MassGOP committee people in the room,  at least two who were prepared to explain why they planned to vote for Kristen…..

It was very hard for me to sit there with my mouth shut….but I managed….

Their reasoning amounts to ‘rewarding baby steps’ – and hoping for better to come,…and all about re-electing Governor Charlie Baker….

If there was any subject that united the room, – it was a deep disgust and loathing for our ambitious Attorney General Maura Healey – seen as a threat to anything and everything Republicans cherish, – and the most likely Democrat candidate to challenge Baker in 2018. (Nobody has thought of Lurch…)

BUT,….only a small fraction of folks in the room seemed to have any warmth toward Charlie Baker.

Many still remember the 2015 MassGOP Convention and the ballot shredder,…and the ensuing lawsuit…

One young North Shore Committeeman said that Kirsten had won over his vote over 4 years by finally getting modern phone-banking equipment and data bases…..  He was unable to speak to her lack of Republican leadership,…as I sat there the word RiNO kept running through my mind.

When one of Eastern Massachusetts few prominent and outspoken Hispanic Republicans rose to speak,  – he was quickly muffled, – – because he raised his voice.   It seems there were some gentle snowflakes in the room,  – who don’t care about possible Republican votes in Lawrence and Lowell….

I don’t mean to be unkind,  – but too many in the room seemed indifferent that EVERY Massachusetts Representative and Senator (11 in all) are flaming liberal assholes.

Tsongas is a retard,  McGovernment is a commie,  the Squaw is a box-checking liar,  the Ice Cream Man doesn’t even live here,  and the red-headed kid’s only qualification is ‘Kennedy’….

The other issue which drew mixed reactions was guns. For most in the room the encroachment by Maura Healey on the 2nd Amendment is akin to war.  

BUT,…many women in the crowd seemed indifferent,  and I watched them squirming uncomfortably and indifferently as several folks spoke about their right to be armed.

I guess Georgetown folks feel removed and safe from the dangers of the big cities…  They truly don’t ‘get it’ and thus they cannot be angered into action…..

They are essentially sheeple….waiting for the wolf (the goon) in the parking lot,  or at their back door….

From my unscientific feel of the room,  – less than half the folks there are ready to back Charlie Baker in 2018,…even against Healey.   He’s burned too many bridges with the folks who took a chance that he’d somehow be any more Republican than Romney, Weld, Swift, Cellucci,…or Muffy….

You fooled them once Charlie….now they know you’re really a DemoCRAP!


I did see a goodly collection of battle-scarred campaign veterans there.   Folks – it was good to see you all!

9 Responses to “Snarly GOP Meeting In Georgetown”

  1. Jim Gettens

    Here’s the latest involving RINO Fraud, Arrogant, Self-Serving PRICK, “Tall Deval” Baker:

  2. Lonnie Brennan

    Wow. That’s a great, accurate summary of the event.

    The nasty energy came from so many hard workers who are sick of the do nothings at the massgop. It was good to hear from so many women who spoke about specifics.

    Take away message is: we have to find a way to succeed despite the massgop if it stays in delusion control of the liberal Hughes.

    And, Charlie is in trouble if she stays at the helm.

    All very sad.

  3. Jim Gettens

    Charles D. Baker, Jr. is in trouble for what he’s done and for what he’s left undone.

    About Charles D. I’ve been hearing a lot of “One and Done” comments.

    Lefty Lesbian Megalomaniac Maura Healey smells blood.

  4. Jeffrey Wallens

    The Groton Republican Town Committee voted unanimously to support Steve. For me it was an easy decision. This is a results-based business, and the results are not acceptable.

  5. Christopher Maider

    Trying to log into the RedMass site for the webinar this Sunday.. Guess I am banned from that as well.
    Still, an open invitation to Aylward to my show is wide open..

  6. Patrick

    Chris, send me an email and explain what is happening when you try to log into RMG. I’m handling backend stuff there. Will check your account.

  7. sad4magop

    If Hughes remains at the helm, Baker loses to any Democrat. The base hates Hughes and thinks she is a fraud. They will sit home, along with the Trump people. Baker put himself in a bind. Aylward is his only way out, but his advisors, who helped him lose 2 ballot questions, always steer Baker down the wrong road. We all know that there are too many people who can’t wait for 2018 to be rid of Baker.

  8. Patrick

    The NBP post has a write-up of the event.

  9. Jim Gettens

    Here’s another problem with the MassGOP State Committee (see that NBP article): guys like Steve Aylward, and, perhaps, “Frank” Ardinger, saying that they’re “still with Charlie” after Baker tried actively to defeat them both in the 2016 State Committee contests.

    In view of the circumstances, such “I’m with Charlie” statements:

    1. Make one look like a complete political invertebrate, lacking true personal pride, conviction, and resolve to fight; and

    2. Sow confusion among REAL and aspiring Republicans–‘Yeah, Baker outright tried to F*CK Aylward by importing a NYC Millenial Pajama Boy Democrat puke to run against him, then F*CKED Aylward again by openly dissing Trump, and now Aylward says “I’m still with Charlie.” WTF, I may as well be an Independent after listening to that tight-rope-walking yadayadayada mealy-mouthed Political Bullshit. A guy who will stand for anything will stand for nothing.’