Snakebit – Liars, Losers And RiNOs

Posted November 14th, 2012 by Iron Mike

In the shadow of the Founder’s Monument they gathered,

– dazed, bewildered, still in denial, to heap praise on each other and claim the defeat doesn’t really matterI wondered if they grasped the irony.

Some things are predictable with this bunch.  The room was again too small even for the 80-member committee, let alone the gathered press, bloggers, and angry constituents.  They don’t care.

The meeting began as if they were living in a parallel but distant world.

Runty donned a funny hat – and claimed using too many football metaphors – that this was like losing the Superbowl – ‘but at least we got to the Superbowl‘.

You readers should reflect on what it took for me to remain silent.

Then came the next distraction – an overly long requiem homily for a departed Committeeman – the one-handed Bill Nickerson of Raynham. I knew Bill as a pleasant enough RiNO, but the slide show and Brock Corderio’s tearful farewell went on for nearly 30 minutes – until it was clearly just a distraction from the dead elephant in the room.

The back of the room was eventually stuffed with 80+ people – more than the 65 attending committee members.

So Runty spoke – again with too many football metaphors, – about ‘we did OK considering the Obama coattails, – we only lost a few seats, – Mitt and Scott are ‘great candidates and great Republicans’ who should have won’, – everybody worked so hard’.

SNAKE-BIT!  What was barely alluded to in public – but openly spoken about in private was that the Republicans had been paralyzed this year by Democratic charges of RACISM and WAR AGAINST WOMEN

Many I spoke to had no idea of how to repel or disarm such an attack – so in their campaigns they avoided the issues.  Almost to a man/woman they had disavowed and stiff-armed the TEA Party.

Snake-bit, they failed to address illegal immigration and EBT Card Fraud.

Because the Democrats [aka the Free Stuff Party] managed to link ObamaCare to ‘free contraception and free abortion’, breast cancer screenings, and with ‘a woman’s right to choose’, – Republicans [mostly RiNOs] were fearful to campaign against any federal encroachment into Medicine and Health Care.  They abandoned this key terrain on the battlefield.

They’d been afraid of addressing Agenda 21, and some are still uncertain and/or uninformed about this issue.

They’d been fearful of alienating school moms, – so they avoided talking about the dangers of over-powerful public sector unions

Two re-elected State Reps did manage to bring a bit of reality into the forum, and to her credit even Muffy acknowledged that the MassGOP needs to be more inclusive – embracing conservatives and libertarians.  BUT – conspicuously she did not mention the TEA Party.  NOBODY did!

Keiko Orrall spoke with passion about believing in her message and getting everybody to help reach every voter. 

Peter Durant – who’s 2010 election came after several court-supervised recounts – spoke of being sure to brand your democrats before they can brand you.  He outlined the detailed work he’d done to know his voters and their issues so that messages can be tailored and focused.  When he said analytics – eyeballs were rolling.  This is more work than this bar crowd is up for.

When Chocolate Pants [Ron Kaufman] rose to speak, I had to leave.  Runty had already announced they would shortly turn the meeting into an ‘Executive Session‘ – so they could exclude press and visitors. They REALLY don’t want the public there.

My conclusions [sadly]:

1. The MassGOP under current management is still totally unworthy of your money or your trust.  If you’re running for public office – you’ll need your own organization and your own crew. 

2. They did give out more money this year, but when the official papers are filed I’m sure we’ll see that most of it went to Mitt [who didn’t campaign here] and Scott Brown – who distanced himself from everybody conservative.

3. With Lurch about to be named either SecDEF or SecSTATE, the MassGOP is in total disarray in the face of a soon-to-be-called Special General Election.  I fear most in the front of the room are weary and in the mood to ‘give Brown another shot at it‘.  Really?  How can he possibly run as a Republican now?

4. Until the MassGOP rids their ranks of pro-abortion, pro-marijuana RiNOS and fake Republicans – they are unlikely to win any significant elections, either the 2014 mid-terms of the 2016 general election, when the coattails will belong to either Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, or Hillary.

5. Until the MassGOP insiders admit that with 11% or less of registered voters behind them, and this crushing defeat hung around their necks like an dead albatross, – they are a non-factor in state politics, and still just a national joke.  They have nothing to be puffed up about.


2 of 9 Congressional seats

24 State Senate seats + 81 State House seats

13 Clerk of Court seats

  2 Register of Probate seats

14 Register of Deeds seats
TOTAL: 136 unopposed seats


If there was any bright spot last night it was to see a young man there – a high school junior – who is becoming active in politics.  He says he done his research and he’s made his decision.  By chance the young man is black – and he was the only black man in the room. Bob Parks and Allen West would have been proud.  I was!

Runty holding his Secret Session [Shhh…don’t let the peasants know…]

As I stepped outside to go home, I could hear the voices of the founding pilgrims – lifted in prayer for our Republic.  Right now we need a lot of soul-searching and prayer.

5 Responses to “Snakebit – Liars, Losers And RiNOs”

  1. Jim Buba

    A sampling of the committee revealed that we are split as elected last March. To make a difference, we’ll need to convince 6-9 that we have a solution.

    It is one thing to talk about grassroots and another thing to actually do it. Focus upon the few will not grow the numbers. A concerted effort needs to be laid out for the local elections in 2013.

    As a State Senate Candidate I can appreciate the donations funneled through the system, but all of them mid-October or later. Rather than spuke up a little something, I’ve decided to sit on it for the next round and/or put it to good use helping to win a few seats.

    We’ve re-organized in Lowell. It’s time to make it work at the bottom so we’ll have something to sell while aiming for the top.

  2. Sherox

    Sorry, Mike, they mentioned including Democrats, Independents, Libertarians, moderate Republicans, but no mention of Conservatives. They touted the fact that they gave three times as much money to local races as they had done before. What candidates got money? They appear to not understand that the fact is that they got out hustled on election day and have no plan, still, for getting out the vote. They still have no plan to actually grow the party.

    AND, – still no state-wide Republican MESSAGE that has time to sink in with uninformed voters.

    That’s why it’s so easy for these folks to get snake-bit when the Dems want to BRAND them as racists or anti-woman…

  3. whathehell

    This is why I remain unenrolled. There were RTC members in my town who announced that they would not vote for Marty Lamb. They stabbed all of us in the back who worked so hard to get Marty elected. Traitors! Shame on them!

  4. Shirley Johnson

    Great article! You hit the nail on the head when you called them the ‘bar crowd’. They need a clear message, they need to get into the high schools and register people as soon as they become citizens. Their computer programs need to rise to the 21st century. The MassGOP has been asleep too long!!!!!!

  5. Mike Long

    Mike, Thanks for the report on the meeting.

    whatthehell, With all due respect, it is people with your attitude that are part of the problem. If you want things to be different then you need to get into the game and make things different. Sitting on the sidelines in righteous indignation does not change minds or win elections. Swallow your pride, become a registered Republican and start to challenge the status quo. You will find that others will follow you if you ask them to. In my humble opinion.