Snake-Oil ALERT: Obama In Nashua, NH Tues Noon

Posted February 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

Snake-Oil ALERT Folks,  our Socialist-in-Chief is due in Nashua, NH for a “Town Hall” meeting Tuesday – Ground Hog Day.  He’s coming to explain to us – very slowly this time – why we’re being so stupid to oppose the George Soros Grand Takeover Plan. 

UPDATE2:00 PMNashua North High School – 10 Chuck Druding Drive, Nashua

Holding a Q & A Session after giving a talk it looked like he really didn’t want to give – about struggling families, small business, and small bank loans.  His heart wasn’t in it.

Then he took a question [planted?] from a cancer survivor – and launched into his stump speech on Health Care and those mean Republicans . . . That’s when I saw the Obama we’ve come to distrust, . . . and lothe.

Spread the word!  Make the evening news!  Expect heavy police and Secret Service presence.

   /s/  Iron Mike

UPDATE:  Wed AM.  Some of you who came to protest DID make the evening news, – and the press just ~ barely ~ covered his remarks.

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