Smoke Screen Or BLUNT TRUTH Today?

Posted June 18th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Last Thursday DOJ IG Michael Horowitz issued a smoothed-over report on the FBI’s mishandling of Hillary’s email scandal.  Then Wray gave the lamest press conference in history.  Today they testify before the Senate.

Dems on the Committee want the issue swept away;  – Republicans want people fired and charged criminally.  With Horowitz’s report on the “Russian Collusion Investigation” still due out,  – the testimony should get pretty tense.   I’m betting on a smoke screen.
Remember:  the TRUTH leads directly back to Valerie Jarrett and Obama!

2 PM  Monday 16 June:   The Hearing begins….

Sadly the day proved to be a bit of a nothing-burger.  Horowitz would ONLY comment on items in the report about the FBI / Hillary Email investigation – and Comey’s decision to jump the shark.

He DID make it clear that there are OTHER ongoing investigations (perhaps) of Clinton wrongdoing,  and of other FBI personnel who leaked information to the media.

And of course the Democrats made sure to claim that ~ somehow? ~ Trump had benefited….

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