Slow News Day Boston Herald?

Posted October 15th, 2019 by Iron Mike

The once-conservative Herald is either having a slow news day, – or insiders there are secretly disgusted with the current crop of “12 Leading Democrats” attempting to unseat Trump next November.

If they funded the poll,  we have to wonder who in NH they questioned,  – and if they provided any photographs to jog voter memories.

It seems Moose is trying to build up some foreign policy credentials….

This humble blogger will never forget Mooseschelle – the most angry and un-American Black woman who could have ever lived on our White House.

What a disgrace she was! The ugliness just seeped out of her every pore….

The Moose seemed to STAY angry – at White Americans, – at men, – even at Obama himself….

She even managed (he helped) to mess up staged opportunities to be gracious…

A key part of polling is how the pollster frames the question.

Maybe Franklin College should re-do it by asking “Do you want this angry  racist Black woman back in the White House?”

Hey Boston Herald, – this was beneath you.

Maybe you should be investigating Elizabeth Warren’s financials?

Or Kamala Harris’s old boyfriends?

Or Biden’s dealings in the Ukraine and China….

Seriously Herald, – how ’bout some fucking REPORTING?

3 Responses to “Slow News Day Boston Herald?”

  1. Jim Buba

    “Slow News” is better than “No News”.

    In this case, its still “Old News”. Let me know if I should dig out those “Questionable” Photographs or any of that “DNA” stuff.

  2. Kojack

    Or the no-show job at a Chicago hospital where Moochelle was paid $365K/year and not replaced after HUSSEIN was elected in ’08.

  3. Varvara

    This is a joke! Right?


    It was their lead piece this morning. I think they’re trying to stir up circulation – so they can charge advertisers more….

    Print media is a dying thing in America – can ONLY survive in BIG cities, and the Globe owns the liberal minds of Boston and vicinity.