Slow Joe: President Gaffomatic!

Posted March 24th, 2020 by Iron Mike

A comedy writer could not begin to imagine this fool getting this far in public life,…but here he is.

Joe tries to make a point – but confuses Charlie Baker’s name…
2 videos:  The short clip – and the longer painful one…

The full 14 minutes – if you can take it!

Do you think Hillary is cackling…?

4 Responses to “Slow Joe: President Gaffomatic!”

  1. panther 6

    In my opinion The Donald will eat him alive in debates. Andrew Coumo may well be the demorat sleeper. He is doing good with his pressers and can sure talk and lacks Joe B’s gaffes.

  2. commandcaddy

    You’re was painful !!

  3. Walter Knight

    “I Joe Biden, and I forgot this message.”

  4. Len Mead

    Painful — yeah.

    But more aggravating because Biden, like many older people:
    – Has dementia
    – Rewrites history for his own benefit, asserting HE first warned about the seriousness of coronavirus in late January; yet HE DISPARAGED TRUMP SAVAGELY calling him names when Trump put a travel ban on the Chinese in late January.
    – Has ridiculous calls for using the “Defense Act” as if MANY major companies are not already VOLUNTARILY making what’s needed NOT hoarding or resisting thanks to Trump’s managing public-private work already
    Blah Blah — this is a failed career politician still with his snout in the public trough LONG after he should have quit.

    Len Mead Unwashed Conservative