Slow Joe Biden Hires Anita Dunn

Posted February 8th, 2020 by Iron Mike

Biden has 50 years in politics – 47 in DC,  – yet he has no ‘people’ of his own?   How much is he paying Anita,  – and what WH job has she been promised?
If New Hampshire doesn’t save Joe on Tuesday, – he’s looking at a very grim Wednesday morning.

4 Responses to “Slow Joe Biden Hires Anita Dunn”

  1. Old Soldier

    Nothing is going to save him!!!

  2. Walter Knight

    You can’t polish a turd.

  3. Walter Knight

    Biden: “You’re telling me I finished 4th, behind a gay man, a Communist, and a fake Indian?”


    A fitting epitaph for his tombstone!

  4. Kojack

    “…a gay man, a Communist, and a fake Indian…”

    That’s what the DUMMYCRAP party has always been composed of, it’s just that now they are no longer trying to conceal it.