Slow Creepy Joe Needs More Sniffs

Posted August 3rd, 2020 by Iron Mike

The search for the Lowest Common Denominator…  He needs to pick one that will help carry a battleground state,  – but who will not scare edgy Whites as BLM has cities burning.

His problem:  having been backed into the “Black Female Corner”,  – all he’s got to look at are seriously flawed and scary women.

KAMALA HARRIS:   US Senator from California.  Began her political career on her knees – as Willie Brown’s mistress.  As a prosecutor she jailed hundreds of young Blacks for marijuana use,  – then laughed when she admitted she also smoked it.   Badly failed presidential candidate.

SUSAN RICE:   Obama’s UN Ambassador.  Married to a Canadian,  – was one of the most corrupt members of Obama’s staff,   – lied 5 times on a Sunday morning about Benghazi,  – and was involved in unmasking General Flynn.   Perpetuated the “Russian Collusion” hoax.

KAREN BASS:   Congresswoman from West Los Angeles.  Made numerous trips to Cuba,  called CastroComandante en jefe”.  Other than Cuba,  – ZERO foreign affairs experience.

VAL DEMINGS:   Congresswoman from Orlando.  Former social worker and 28-year Orlando policewoman, – retiring as the Department Chief.

KEISHA LANCE BOTTOMS:   Mayor of Atlanta, – an attorney and former judge magistrate, – former Atlanta city counselor.   Refuses to work with US Marshals or ICE;  yet Atlanta’s murder rate is rising and the city is a hub for human trafficking of young girls from Mexico.

No sane American voter (even Democrats) really believes that Creepy Joe can possibly finish out a 4-year term.

With his rapidly advancing dementia and Alzheimer’s,  – if actually elected he would quickly be given an Amendment XXV, § 4, Para 1,  – and sent to a padded suite at Walter Reed.

Voters who still feel that Trump “isn’t presidential enough”,  – should take a hard look at those 5 likely Democrat VPs, –  then think hard about Trump and Pence!

3 Responses to “Slow Creepy Joe Needs More Sniffs”

  1. Leonard Mead

    Wow —

    These upstanding women with the required black skin pigment could be ONE HEARTBEAT AWAY from running the USA?

    WHERE can I vote for them! (heh heh)

    Len Mead
    Unwashed Conservative

  2. Kojack

    That’s one of the Trump flags that will be flying outside my house this fall.

  3. Kojack

    Not only are the 5 INCAPABLE, DIS-qualified LIARS they are also RACISTS.