Silence From The MassGOP Mice

Posted December 3rd, 2015 by Iron Mike

Two Muslim terrorists conduct a massacre of innocents in San Bernardino,   and Obama seizes the opportunity to continue his crusade against Americans owning firearms.
Huddled MassGOP Mice
So in this state where Liberty was born, – and where rebellion against the King was fomented under a pine tree, – the MassGOP immediately spoke out against Obama’s evil obsession.
SURE THEY DID!   NOT!    The cowards and the mice of Merrimac Street huddled together in fear.

There are basically three kinds of people associated with the MassGOP – either as full-time employees or the 80 elected committee critters….

1.  There are some genuine Conservative Republicans – those trustworthy few who can always be counted on when trouble comes.

2.  There are the lifelong Klingons – for whom either their committee seat or their MassGOP job is the pinnacle of their life’s achievements,Klingons   – i.e. an unpaid powerless job where they meet and drink for a few hours every 90 days,…and do NOTHING!   Many are computer illiterate….

3.  Then there are the infiltrators, – the fake Republicans – worse than RiNOs.   These are really Democrats whose job is to keep our party looking weak, foolish, and inept.  These bastards have worked wonders far beyond anything John Walsh or Debbie Wasserman-Shultz might have expected.

The ONLY kinds of ‘Republicans’ these scum will support are Mitt Romney, Navy Seal Gomez, and Jeb Amnesty Bush.

And the Mouseketeer?   ChairMouse Kirsten Hughes is GUN-Phobic.  She hates guns,  is afraid of them,  – and will not lift a finger – or a tail – to stand up for your 2A rights.

How’d she ever get elected?    See #s 2 and 3 above….

If Trump or Ted Cruz win the Republican nomination next July in Cleveland, – you can be sure these traitors will offer only lip service, – and Kirsten will likely vote for Hillary…

How hard is it for a state party leader to issue a statement when the pResident is so obviously and totally wrong – about Islamic Terrorism, – and about your right to be armed and ready to defend your life and your family?

Imagine if just one person at that Christmas party had been carrying…

Hey, Kirsten Hughes, – are you listening How damned hard is it?

/s/ Iron Mike
Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

Say Something Kirsten

A SILENT Republican might as well be a DEAD one!

Folks, – across this land Republicans are the best of people. Somehow our MassGOP was infiltrated, – and over a couple of decades, Republicans largely gave up and left the state to the RiNOs and the MoonBats.

It is lousy leadership – from Hughes,  from Vice Chair Momma Kangas,  and from Chocolate Pants, – which make the so-called ‘unenrolled’ voters detest Republicans here – because they are spineless.

PLEASE, don’t feed these creatures.

MassGOP: 617 523-5005    Email:

Don’t send ANY MONEY to the MassGOP.   They won’t stand up for you, – and the money will end up paying for Jeb Bush ads.

Besides they still owe a small fortune to Mark Fisher…..

UPDATE: Here’s the tweet Patrick shared w/ us – Kirsten getting cozy with a Democrat – State Senator Tom McGee….

Kirsten Hughes w Tom McGee

4 Responses to “Silence From The MassGOP Mice”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Mike, as usual, you are 100% correct, but in most cases, you are a voice crying in the wilderness. The folks that read this blog agree with you, but those that don’t or won’t read this blog don’t care. Not until this Islamic Jihad Terror visits us close to where we live and work will the unenlightened, possibly including the MassGOP get it. We live in very perilous times, and those who do not heed this threat do so st their own peril.

    God helps those who help themselves. Be prepared.

  2. Patrick

    Thought you’d enjoy this tweet:

  3. Hawk1776

    I don’t really care about the Mass GOP response. What bothers me is Obama. I used to think he was inexperienced. I used to think he was naive. I used to think he was an idiot. I used to think he was a liberal wingnut. I used to think he was the worst Chicago had to offer. I used to think he was a Kenyan. I still think he’s a Muslim. But what scares me the most is that the man is delusional and he still has fourteen months to serve.


    You NEED to care about having a working and effective MassGOP Hawk, – or else these liberal MoonBats will slowly take away ALL your freedoms – in the name of ‘public safety’ of course.

    Obama would never have been possible if we’d had a REAL Republican party working in 2008 and 2012. In 2012 RiNO Romney surrendered the presidency to Candy Crowley,…without even a whimper….

  4. kojack

    The MASSHOLES in this state have made possible what we have today. It seems like 2/3 of the people I talk to in MA are either on the dole, are in a public employee union or are the LIB products of the revisionist history/participation trophy public school system. I don’t think it will get any better here until things completely collapse. If my personal circumstances allowed I would follow Len Mead to FL.