Signature Turn-In Begins!

Posted May 9th, 2016 by Iron Mike

In my continuing effort to get Tsilent Tsongas out of Congress,  today begins the turn-in of the signatures we’ve been collecting for these past two months.
Turn In Day
The 3rd Congressional District spans three (3) counties and thirty-seven (37) cities and towns across northern Massachusetts.

I want to thank all the worthy patriots who signed Ann Wofford’s nominating petition;…

– and from me personally – as a veteran, – a BIG #U to all the ASSHOLES who aren’t even registered to vote.

You are willing S-L-A-V-E-S to Democrat RULE!

Ann of course will disapprove of me being so crude and blunt,…

…but I’ve watched men fighting for their country as the army of a Communist tyrant was over-running them….and American support in the White House wavered, and faltered..

…I watched good, brave men facing incredible odds, fight their hearts out, and die before they hit the ground. Those memories haunt my sleep most every night.

Americans should be better citizens.

But living amongst us are puke-worthy selfish, self-absorbed social lice!

Non-voting social lice

Fear of pulling jury duty keeps about 40% of Americans from even registering to vote.  Those pathetic slime-maggots take their freedom entirely for granted,  – giving no thought whatsoever to personal responsibility!

So today and Tuesday we’ll drive frantically from town hall to town hall,  turning in the signatures to be checked off as VALID by the clerks / election officials.

We need a solid 2,000 valid for the next step – turn-in to the Secretary of State.

Honk if you see us drive by….

UPDATE:   4:30 PM Monday 9 May     It was a long day – got to 19 of 20 towns….even helped a lady change party enrollment,  – yet another departing the party of treason and going ‘No Party’….

Then I ran into JamieBoy Eldridge in the Boxborough Town Hall.  I greeted him warmly: “Well, Hi JamieBoy!”

> “I wish you wouldn’t call me that…”

But JamieBoy, – that’s what you mother used to call you – when she’d brag about ‘My JamieBoy’…..”

> “Well, I’m all grown up now – and a State Senator…”

Yes, – and still a glaring disgrace to our District!’

> [pouting]

Say Cheese!”

JamieBoy Eldridge pudgy


4 Responses to “Signature Turn-In Begins!”

  1. GreenBeretLTC

    Not to change the subject, but given the number of Hollywood-types and other so-called celebrities threatening to leave our beloved Republic if Trump is elected president, is there a fund to which I can contribute to help these assholes complete the journey?


    Hell Bro, they’ve got oodles of $$$$$.

    Sell them luggage!

  2. Panther 6

    Keep up the good work Mike – we need more folks willing to give time and talent to helping get good folks elected. We sure need more veterans in Congress.

  3. Mt Woman

    Good luck with your trip from city to town halls in the 3rd Congressional District. GO ANN!!! Best wishes,

  4. President Matt

    Mike you are an hero to us all. We need to not just do the work require to improve our government but we must inspire more citizens to get involved in politics.


    I’m absolutely no ‘hero’ Matt!

    The HEROS came home with missing part – or in body bags…. The heroines are the women who remained true and faithful to burnt and broken soldiers….and who still help them through their days.

    THEY are the ones the ungrateful scum maggots cannot see and never factor into their decisions….