Siemens’ Joe Kaeser – Still A Nazi!

Posted July 22nd, 2019 by Iron Mike

For today’s CEO of Siemens International to say ANYTHING about other world leaders,  – and in particular calling Donald Trump a ‘racist’ is ludicrous and the ultimate in hypocrisy.

Does Joe Kaeser think the world has forgotten the ultra-cozy relationship Siemens had with Hitler and the Third Reich?   Does he think the world has forgotten how Hitler and his Nazis used projection to accuse others of the VERY crimes they were committing?

Of COURSE – CNN ran with the story minus the dirty history….

…and they forgot this little detail….

Folks,  please teach your kids and grandkids the complete history of our Modern World.

Don’t let them grow up to be like the vapid dupes at CNN,  – who were only too gleeful to find a big-name CEO to blast Trump,…and who were too shallow to actually do a little historical fact-checking before they ran with it. 

Where do you THINK modern American Democrats learned about Projection?

EXACTLY,  – from Lenin, Stalin, Mussolini and Hitler!

One Response to “Siemens’ Joe Kaeser – Still A Nazi!”

  1. Kojack

    SIEMANS products are junk. Every thing they make is low-end.