Sicily’s Mount Etna Erupts With Joy….

Posted February 20th, 2021 by Iron Mike

Europe’s most active volcano – a Stratovolcano on the east coast of Sicily,  – was so happy that the Traitor John Kerry resigned the Paris Accords – that she erupted in joy!

With Texas suffering a once-in-a-hundred years sub-Zero blizzard, – and Mount Etna belching hot ash and dust into the atmosphere,  the sheer folly of the symbolic signing could not be lost on thinking Americans….

The entire concept of “Man-Made Global Warming” (now called Climate Change) was conjured up by Red China as a way to slow down western industries – so that the primitive and polluting Chinese industries could catch up and overtake the West.

And so many gullible Americans and Europeans signed on for the ride….

There are well-intended people who honestly believe in the hoax,  – and think they’re ‘saving the planet’.

But there are far more liars and hucksters who seized upon the hoax as a way to make solar panels, windmills, and electric cars (with batteries made of lithium dug by slaves in Africa),  – and to seek political power over unsuspecting populations based on the myth.

So, no matter what China Joe or Traitor John do to pacify their left-wing supporters and fans, – Mount Etna will continue to warm our atmosphere with hot lava and hot ash – – as she has done since before the Persians and Greeks began recording History.  She doesn’t care about “Climate Change”!

Tell us again how your Electric Car is saving the planet…?

One Response to “Sicily’s Mount Etna Erupts With Joy….”

  1. panther6

    Kerry is not just a liar and a traitor he is a bloody idiot. Global warming is happening but it is 95% caused by the SUN and Mother Nature who fools around with the Sun. When will these idiots wake up that GW is a tool make $$$$ for a select few.