“Showtrial” – Or Justice At Last?

Posted April 20th, 2018 by Iron Mike

Grab your clipboard and your popcorn Folks,  – this may prove to be the “Trial of the Century”!

DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz has referred CRIMINAL CHARGES against Andrew McCabe (once the highest cop in the land) to the Federal Attorney General for DC, – Jessie K. Liu.   Suddenly the very arrogant McCabe has much bigger worries than just being fired.

Somewhere Martha Stewart is smiling,  as is General Mike Flynn.

With the charges and evidence handed her by Horowitz,  AG Liu will have to consider the outcry if she is seen white-washing Andrew’s sins down to a plea deal,  – or worse, – a decision not to prosecute.

She would look no better than Comey white-washing Hillary’s illegal server.

So Andrew can look forward to the phone call telling him to report for booking.   But if Liu wants to tighten the screws,  some BLACK SUVs may roll up to his home,  place him in cuffs,  – and execute a wall-to-wall search warrant.

Remember that McCabe’s wife Jill received $467,000 of Clinton Cash – funneled through Terry McAuliffe…. 

In other words,  Doctor Jill is DIRTY too….

McCabe’s defense attorney – Obama Toady Michael Bromwich has two missions; 

(1). keep his unrepentant little twerp out of federal prison,   and 

(2). fully earn (exhaust) that $500,000 Go-Fund-Me legal fund McCabe collected two weeks ago.

AG Liu’s biggest challenge is to convince a DC Jury (mostly Democrats) that McCabe is a dirty cop,  – one worthy of going to prison as did Martha Stewart.

AND,…she’ll need to do it without calling as a government witness that 6′ 8” piece of lying shit – James Comey;  – who just this week was calling McCabe a liar.   Comey wants to lay low – if he can,  – but his oversized ego may compel him to seek out TV cameras….

He too needs to face criminal charges for covering up and dismissing Hillary’s crimes,  and for trying to sabotage a duly elected president. 

Right now he’s probably wishing he’d fired McCabe years ago – when he had the chance.

For the moment,  Democrats and their Propaganda Ministry are mostly mute,  – as their last hopes of a Trump Impeachment sink into the swamp….

Now their worries are how to protect the other co-conspirators – like Shifty Adam Schiff,  Loretta Lynch,  and Hillary herself….

I’m hoping that AG Liu conveins her own DC Grand Jury – brings in all the scumbags to testify – and pins a whole lot of perjury charges on the bunch of them – since Democrats CANNOT tell the truth – even when under oath.

And all summer the Propaganda Ministry can marginalize itself even more by ignoring this story, – or go for the ratings (like the OJ trial 23 years ago) and cover it.

For the moment,  CNN at least is attempting the use the “Comey Memos” to paint an unflattering picture of Trump.   They fail to mention that Comey is a self-admitted LEAKER and perjured himself in sworn testimony to Congress.

What Democrats want desperately to do is see the trial postponed until AFTER the November mid-term elections.   If the average non-thinking Democrat voter learns how dirty their party really is,  – the Republicans should enjoy a sweep.

One Response to ““Showtrial” – Or Justice At Last?”

  1. Kojack

    “If the average non-thinking Democrat voter learns how dirty their party really is……”

    Anyone left in the DEMOCRAP party is incapable of objective or critical thinking. Integrity is a non-issue for them, however their morale is really low. Hopefully the momentum will be with Trump’s base and the GOP will have a non-RiNO majority in both the House and the Senate