Should We Fear Obama?

Posted August 4th, 2009 by Iron Mike


Hello Americans, thanks for clicking in to RRB today!

Is all the talk of Socialism just Right-Wing hype or should we Americans be fearful of our sitting pResident Obama and his Socialist Comrades? 

I ~ wish ~ it were hype, but it’s not.  And yes,  we have a lot to fear from Obama and Comrades.  They intend to totally destroy the foundations of our American Democracy, our Free Enterprise, and our individual liberties.  Right before your eyes – albeit some days behind smoke screens of false issues, – they are destroying three hundred years of Liberty, and building a Third World Socialist state upon the rubble. 

Taking over banks, insurance companies and auto manufactures didn’t get your attention?  Appointing nearly forty unconstitutional “Czars” escaped your notice?  Weakening our CIA and our military going below your radar?  Using your cash to buy somebody else’s clunker OK by you?  Still convinced your MEssiah is a 21st Century Miracle Man?

Fasten your seat belt Dilbert, – I’ve got a news flash for you!  Sooner or later – and much sooner than you think, – you’re going to be old, and you’re going to get sick, – and you’re going to need first-class medical care to survive.  But Obama and Comrades – if allowed their way – will be denying that medical care to you.  You’ll be lucky if they give you enough pain pills to last out your final days.

And that’s the Dirty Little Secret of ObamaCare!   It’s NOT about giving free medical care to everybody, – it’s about controlling how long you live in a nearly-bankrupt socialist society which will have no use for you in your old age.  THINK:  Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid are all essentially Ponzi schemes which are each due to go bankrupt within a few decades at best. 

To this they intend to add “Free Medical Care for All” / “Single Payer System” – a system which in private hands is already 1/7th of our economy.  WHERE is the extra money coming from to fund this?   You’re being sold another empty Ponzi scheme! 

I’m just a ranting crazy?  Obama’s words – LISTEN to him:

Today the Socialist Smoke Screen is all about those 47 million “poor uninsured” and the EVIL insurance companies.  Of the 47 Million, at least 15 Million are illegals, that Obama has NO INTENTION of sending back.  He wants their votes and in time will grant them amnesty.  Most of the rest are young people who traditionally weigh their good health against the cost of insurance, – and chose to go it alone.  That choice is a fundamental freedom which will be stripped from them under ObamaCare.  They will be forced to sign up.   Bye-bye Freedom!

And the cost to you – and your children?  It won’t come all at once in the first and second year.  In fact I expect them to sugar-coat it.  But by Year Five and Year Ten you should be expecting to pay upwards of 60% of your income in taxes, – and suddenly be in waiting lines at emergency rooms.

Oh, and let’s not forget the MANDATORY euthanasia counseling built into the House Bill 3200, where seniors will be encouraged to sign end-of-life directives.  [Section 1233].  This is the position advocated by Rahm Emanuel’s nutty doctor brother Ezekiel – another White House insider.    

Another SECRET of this Bill is that it doesn’t take effect until 2013!  It’s essentially a re-election gimmick for Obama!  By October 2012,  he and ACORN will have millions of under-educated Americans believing that their “Free Stuff” is just one more vote away!  So why the rush to pass it now?   Because Obama and Comrades fear bloggers like me and thinking readers like you. 

So please, – go forth and be fearsome!  During the August-September recess of Congress, – seek out your elected representatives and give ’em an earful!  Tell them you DON’T WANT SOCIALIZED MEDICINE – in any form, – and remind them that under our Constitution – Article I, Section 8Powers of Congress” – nowhere does it say “Stimulus”, Bailout, Cap & Trade” or “Socialized Medicine”.  These undertakings are actually ILLEGAL!   See how many of your elected leaders have actually read Article I, Section 8. 

Americans,  we shouldn’t have to fear Obama, – but he is a truly frightening specter.  Rather, Obama, Pelosi, and Comrades should be fearing us

    /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

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