Shooting In Poway, Calif Synagogue

Posted April 27th, 2019 by Iron Mike

How many more before congregations employ armed guards?

No government – no ‘laws’ can outlaw hate,  religious zeal,  or madness.  We can only arrest, try, and execute those who do it.
But we CAN be on guard and ready to return fire!
UPDATE:  1 elderly lady dead, 3 wounded

Earnest entered the Chabad with an AR-15,  but was soon engaged by an off-duty Border patrolman – causing Earnest to turn and run.

This Patriot – taking his pistol with him to Services,  – may have saved dozens of lives…including his own.

LESSON FOR LIBERALS: The shooting stops when the 2nd gun shows up!

Cute young thing like this is going to be VERY POPULAR in prison…he’ll soon wish that California still had the Death Penalty!

7 Responses to “Shooting In Poway, Calif Synagogue”

  1. Marty Lamb

    This synagogue is a Chabad synagogue and highly likely there were multiple armed congregants. Chabad leans right.


    Then they need better bullets,…and marksmanship training. The perp should be an organ donor now!

  2. Iron Mike

    Marty – you were dead on – there WAS an off-duty Border Patrolman there – and he returned fire – but missed. He did hit the suspect’s car door….

  3. Marty Lamb

    Mike-There were clearly over 100 congregants, I hate to think how many more would be dead if there was no one armed to confront him

  4. Mt Woman

    Sadly, this could happen anywhere at any time
    It has nothing to do with guns. It is a mental illness based on EVIL!

  5. Sherox

    Let no crisis go to waste. We can use this to turn the tables on the liberals. Just imagine if this had been a Trump supporter or worse yet, a “Christian” man what the press would have said about him, the drum beat from the leftists. Since they are going to use the mental illness, we should demand to know what he was being taught in his high school, his college, demonize the liberals for their incessant anti-Semitic talk and blame them for this.

  6. Marty Lamb

    the rabbi asked the congregant to carry

  7. Blossom Stiefel

    An attack on any house of worship is an assault on human dignity and our rights as people of faith to pray to G-d. People of all faiths must stand together and never tolerate such hatred.

    But as we can all clearly see, a good guy with a gun saved many people of that congregation from so much more death and destruction.

    More good people with guns are vital for the safety of people everywhere.