Shooter Dead At DC Navy Yard

Posted September 16th, 2013 by Iron Mike

As we await official casualty tallies and details of this shooter(s);  I will make a few snide speculations…   ( 13 dead [incl Alexis] 12 wounded as of 5 PM…) 
UPDATE  Navy Yard Shooter
Holder and the anti-gun nuts
will use this as an excuse to renew efforts to ban ‘military-style assault weapons’ – then to try banning any guns they can.

If any shooters survived,   Holder and the ACLU will provide them teams of lawyers.

If the shooter(s) prove to be Black,  Jessie and Al will blame white people and the lack of enough government programs.

If the shooter(s) prove to be Muslim,  Obama will tell us ‘not to jump to conclusions’, and call the incident ‘workplace violence’.

If there were warning signs that government officials ignored, there will be a lengthy cover-up. The guilty will be placed on ‘leave’, – then reinstated!

If the shooter(s) prove to be Muslim, the FBI will kill key associates before they can be questioned.  Their past activities, criminal records, and EBT card status will be sealed.

Of course I hope I’m dead wrong;  – but after Fort Hood, Benghazi, and the Marathon Bombing,…what else can I expect?

8 Responses to “Shooter Dead At DC Navy Yard”

  1. KarenG

    And the surviving wounded will be denied potential military benefits/compensation because this is simply another case of “workplace violence”…

  2. Charlie Chapman

    My first reaction to the shooting was “I wonder if the shooters were paid by Soros to drum up gun control ferver?”

  3. Walter Knight

    America is at war, but too many people are in denial.

  4. KarenG

    In light of the Navy Yard tragedy, do we suppose the White House will cancel their big Latin Music party with Gloria Estefan, et al?

  5. KarenG

    Scheduled for TONIGHT!

  6. Flick

    What was Sharpton and Jackson’s reaction to this one? Or was the Left Reverend still chanting ‘Zimmerman’?

  7. Flick

    He looks like he could have been B. HUSSEIN Obama’s son!