She’s E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E-! How? Why?

Posted March 10th, 2019 by Iron Mike

As in Russia, Italy, Germany, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, and Venezuela, – – when evil people attempt to take over a country,  – you don’t always know who is really calling the shots….until it’s too late!

It’s time to consider what’s REALLY happening as AOC monopolizes headlines and TV time…. video

23 minutes well worth your time.

Be ready to write down some new names of people you may never have heard of before.

The scary part…?

Come Election Year 2024 – she turns 35 years oldand will be eligible to become President.

Patriots,  in every town and city in this country,  – on every high school and college campus, – – there are committed socialists and communists who despise our Constitution,…

– who despise our vibrant free-enterprise economy,…

– and who see each poor person and each stray dog as PROOF that our Republic was created by racist thieves,

 – that our Founding Fathers were evil colonial masters committed to keeping all the world’s wealth for rich white men.

Sadly,  this is an easy lesson to implant in the minds of poorly educated high school and college students – most particularly those who are being raised without religious values.

6 Responses to “She’s E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E-! How? Why?”

  1. Varvara

    Good for you Mike! I have notice a bit of dramatic scenes with her and now I know why.

  2. panther 6

    She sure gets the Media attention and too many everyday folks only see or hear a small soundbite that sometimes sounds good. The truth as Mike has laid it out is another story that remains hidden for the most part. Her outlandish claims and statements will, I believe catch up with her sooner rather than later. If past history repeats Mrs Peeloosely will sabotage this lady and do it with a vengeance.

  3. Ben

    This all makes sense because I never thought she was very bright to think for herself. Thank you Colonel for bringing this out to the light. It is pretty scary to think of all who follow her. I am all for women in politics but the worst of the worst are Democrats.

  4. Blossom Stiefel

    This is a terrifying scenario for the future of our country. Her Green New Deal is pure socialism. It is complete control over every aspect of our lives, how and where we live, the jobs we have, the mode of transportation available to us, and even what we eat. It is a tax on everything that we do, wear, eat, drive, the government would control everything. Our American way of life, the American Dream will be over for all of us.

    How far these enemies of liberty and freedom get depends on how hard we are willing to fight for our freedoms. We must fight this evil as hard as we can, and NOW!

  5. Mt Woman

    AOC is quite a scary story. In her exuberant style with hand gestures going a mile a minute and with her toothy smile, she can be quite charming and beguiling–almost to the point of drawing in the masses of people who don’t think. Her message and impact is dangerous!! America must beware, this socialist is on fire and will change the country like none other unless she is identified as a commie.

  6. Kojack

    Great work, Mike as usual. I didn’t think this ARROGANT, OBNOXIOUS TWIT WITH THE HORSE TEETH AND THE MIND, VOICE AND SPEAKING SKILLS OF AN 8 YEAR OLD could run a campaign and win a congressional seat on her own, but even so, I don’t find her charming at all. In fact I find this PETULANT, HISPANIC VALLEY GIRL extremely irritating and insulting to both my country and to my intelligence. She has NO GRASP ON BASIC ISSUES SUCH AS ECONOMICS OR EVEN REALITY. Anyone with 1/2 a brain could listen to her for 30 seconds and figure that out which says a lot about her constituents.