Sheriff David Clarke Blasts Eric Holder

Posted December 1st, 2014 by Iron Mike

Our favorite Junkyard Dog is at it again – calling out Attorney General Eric Holder’s racist agenda at the National Press Club.

Inflammatory and irresponsible rhetoric…like vultures at a roadside kill!”

Cops in general, and police chiefs and sheriffs in particular, – often find it convenient to walk a delicate non-political line, – never revealing their true feelings about an issue.

Milwaukee County Wisconsin is blessed with a Sheriff who stands tall for our Constitution, and who isn’t afraid to speak the unvarnished truth.  America needs more like him!

I’m pretty sure Dave Clarke won’t be invited to Eric Holder’s retirement party….

But given the past six years of Eric Holder’s racist statements and his racially selective enforcement of our laws, – anybody calling him out is probably someone we can count on when the going gets dangerous!

One Response to “Sheriff David Clarke Blasts Eric Holder”

  1. Varvara

    Sheriff Clark is an educated and well-spoken man.