She Wants To “Let You Die!”

Posted July 16th, 2021 by Iron Mike

There are millions of Americans – of all backgrounds and races, – who were willing to let the BLM and CRT cults run their course,…as did the Black Panthers back in the 1960s.

We have seethed – but remained civil – as statues have been pulled down, monuments vandalized, police stations attacked, and blocks of major cities burned beyond recovery.

But trillions of dollars in welfare, education, AA/EEO, police and justice system reform, – – and DESPITE Barack Obama’s two (2) terms as President, – some Black Americans will never be satisfied they’re getting a fair shake at the American Dream.

Why are people like Michelle Leete feel so angry?  Who taught her to hate White people?   What – if anything – could allow her to live at peace with her fellow citizens?

Is she seeking a vision of EQUALITY? Or a dream of SUPREMACY?

If anybody down in Virginia knows Michelle,…maybe you could drop her a hint.  It might improve her self image and her outlook on life.

UPDATE:  Saturday, 17 July 2021  Well that didn’t take long!   Less than 48 hours after her hate-filled rant, Ms. Leete was Let Go!

The Virginia PTA FIRED HER.  Not the resume enhancer she’s been hoping for….

3 Responses to “She Wants To “Let You Die!””

  1. Maynard G Brandon Jr.

    And people applauded this – stupid bastards.

  2. John Pagel

    Maybe she can get a job as a crash dummy?

  3. panther6

    The whatever she is,, I am not sure, she couldn’t even get a job as a crash dummy. There is a deep anti white hatred in people like her. She made her bed now let her sleep in it. Kick her tail down the road.