Sharon Helman – Veteran Killer

Posted April 25th, 2014 by Iron Mike

Nothing is so despicable as a Democrat praising Soldiers and Veterans, – while letting the VA hospital system rot from the inside out.
Phoenix VA - Die Waiting
Just 13 months in the job, Phoenix AZ VA Hospital Director Sharon Helman is in trouble [again] – for faking numbers and reports on how long it takes her to get a veteran in front of a doctor.

Sharon’s problem isn’t a shortage of doctors, – it’s a shortage of management skills and integrity.
Phoenix VA Core Values

As the FIRST FEMALE DIRECTOR at the Phoenix VA, the local press really gushed over Sharon – back in March 2013. Today,…not so much

Sharon Gilbert groundgreaking in high heels

She really likes getting her picture taken, – likes the attention, – but has a troubled history. Earlier in her career she was part of hiding the statics of Veterans suicides…. After all, you can’t get promoted if your numbers look bad. Any government employee knows that.

Sharon Helman Seven Seals Award 2011

 Sharon Helman stitches flag 2011

But then, the VA has been notorious for lackluster care and callous indifference toward our veterans

   – matched only by the Democrats in Washington

   – who understand that as the WWII, Korean, and Vietnam era veterans are dying off of old age, old wounds, and old diseases contracted overseas, – their votes aren’t worth the time to court.

Sharon Helman Hines Dental Clinic

Sharon Helman welcomes Obama 2010

As Barack Obama famously said shortly after coming to office in 2009 – “…why should they get special care? They volunteered…”

And BTW, this Phoenix VA Hospital is right under John McCain’s RiNO NOSE – if he’d bother to pay attention instead of hanging around with Syrian terrorists!
McCain w terrorists  May 2013

The HOUSE Committee:

The SENATE Committee [headed by a communist]:

UPDATE: Monday 24 November 2014 Helman finally fired by new VA Secretary Bob McDonald

6 Responses to “Sharon Helman – Veteran Killer”

  1. Tom

    There must be a new resume enhancer for the Dems – how well can you fudge the numbers. We have the Executive Branch. HHS, DOJ,
    EPA, BLS, etc, etc.

  2. Panther 6

    This incident and the lady involved just hit my radar shortly before reading your great blog. This gal may well be chargeable. I sure hope GEN Shinseki (a good guy way back when) take some firm action.

  3. Thom Paine

    As an American Veteran I wonder if this Bit-h end up gutted just how long the ‘suspect’ list would be? I despise the cultural marxists with every fibre of my being! The gloves are off.

  4. Billy Rojas

    Sharon Helman was director of the Spokane WA VA during 2007 & 2008, was accused then of the same practices that later she did at the Phoenix VA. If she had been fired by GW Bush then, and not transfered, Obama would not have inherited her. Or Bush should have told Obama that he is giving her as a present.
    Good points Billy. Why did it take you nearly 4 years to post your comment?

  5. Billy Rojas

    Sharon Helman was a registered Republican & a member of a Christian church.

  6. billy rojas

    I just recently found this blog during a search.
    Of course it is unfair for me or anyone to blame GW Bush for her crimes and/or her employment, but it is also unfair for anyone also to blame Obama. Which you and your responders seem to do.
    Sharon is a criminal, she broke the rules, she made illegal money, she should have gone to prison. When she got caught the first time, she was transfered & promoted. Bush was President. The 2nd time she got caught, she was indicted & stood trial, convicted & was fired, all while Obama was President. Now with a new President, her conviction was thrown out, Trump could rehire her.
    So why are you blaming Obama?
    And there are criminals that are Democrats, Republicans, Capitalists, Communists, Christians, Jews, Moslems, White, Blacks, Anglo & Spanish speakers. Probably in equal percentages.