Shari Redstone Savors Victory

Posted August 13th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Between CBS and Viacom, she will control 22% of all Television.
Viacom CEO Bob Bakish to run the combined unit as CEO; interim CBS chief Joe Ianniello becomes CEO of CBS.  It is an ENTERTAINMENT company;  ‘news’ is incidental to profit

2 Responses to “Shari Redstone Savors Victory”

  1. Vic

    Turned off the TV 17 years ago – cut the cable off at the street – don’t miss it at all. Makes me sad that so many Americans are still wasting their lives in front of the brainwash box.

  2. panther 6

    Vic is right and has done it right. I only use the TV for 3 programs, BULL, Blue Bloods and Masterpiece theater. I do watch college football and sometimes the Tampa Bay Rays BB games – Oh yes also old John Wayne and Randolph Scott movies. Otherwise TV is a total disaster.