Shameful Protest At Boston Medical Hospital

Posted November 7th, 2019 by Iron Mike

Melania Trump came to Boston Medical Hospital, – an inner-city teaching hospital serving Boston’s poorest people.  She came to focus attention on their outstanding work with babies born drug-addicted to drug-using young women.

Sadly,  the unthinking and virulently Trump-hating staff and medical students used her visit to upstage her and steal the spotlight for their own agenda.

One thing young people seem unable to learn – is that there is a time and place for feelings and protests,  – and that other times and other places turn any message you want to send into unwanted noise – that will be filtered out and ignored.

These “caring medical students and professionals” should have figured out WHERE the DRUGS addicting their helpless patients come from, – and WHO smuggles those drugs into our country.

Alas, actual THINKING does not come with Liberalism….

…and at it’s core there is a lot of anti-White racism built into the anti-Trump protest movement.

By trying to sully the message she was sending,  – and by trying to hog the cameras and media for their own emotional messages,  – these medical students and staffers brought dishonor to their hospital.  

The local Boston media was only too eager to oblige them.

Thank you Melania!  No good deed goes unpunished!

4 Responses to “Shameful Protest At Boston Medical Hospital”

  1. Ben

    If they really cared they should go to the border and actually see what is happening. They should have been so concerned during the last administration. They should go see what happened to those poor kids who were ambushed yesterday . Their ignorance is clouded by their hate for Mr. Trump. They should put this much energy in their job, the children would really appreciate it.


  2. GreenBeretLTC

    We expect something from Bostonians?

    The United Nations lists 195 countries on Planet Earth. If these f!_!ck!ng a$$h0le medical students don’t like it here, they are more than welcome to try one of the others. Maybe give Iran a try, or Syria, or Somolia or Yemen….or Palestine. No, wait. Palestine’s not a country. Oh, maybe Cuba or Venezuela…..or even Mexico (but ask the Mormons…or other Mexicans….about this one). Indonesia or Malaysia might be more settled locations.

    But wait. In some of these countries, that type of protesting would find them not ensconced and coddled in med school, but but bound and thrown from rooftops or dumped in alleys, with their tongues protruding beneath their chins or their genitalia in their mouths. There are plenty of alternatives out there for these malcontents.

    Melania Trump is not the politician here, her husband is. She deserves better. Michelle Obama occasionally caught flack (at times, very well deserved…), but mostly from media people. No protest rallies for her. Had mobs of white people pulled the crap these Snowflakes did, what would have been the Liberal outcry?

    So….in the end, who really are the racists?

  3. Lonnie Brennan

    Just wondering if they paid for those white coats they defaced with marker pens? Or if that’s taxpayer subsidized, like much of what they have?

    Another place to stay away from. Vile racists.

  4. Asusue

    From what I understand hospital lobby and restrooms, the area in front of the hospital, and the nearby Methadone Mile are littered daily with needles and drug addicts. Perhaps the good people of BMC could better use their time trying to clean up their own area and accept the kudos for their program no matter where the praise comes from. Just sayin’