Shaheen Launches Women For Hillary!

Posted September 5th, 2015 by Iron Mike

It was a spectacle to behold, – former Governor – now NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen –[ the one US Senator guaranteed to vote for whatever Obama wants]…stood with Hillary launching WOMEN for HILLARY!
Women for Hillary
There were tears of joy running down Bill’s cheek…as he gazed into the crowd in search of future interns…. This new campaign effort is designed to reach Hillary’s ‘special constituency’…

There are a few groups of women who will defy patriotism, logic, and common sense, and personal honor to vote for the ONE WOMAN who most reminds them of themselves…

Bill First Lady

These include….

Women in long tedious loveless marriages

Woman who have lied in public about cheating husbands

Fat women, – who have given up all hope of losing weight

Woman who have fooled their husbands into accepting their love children and raising them as their own

Women who have killed a former lover

Women who in middle age discovered they were really lesbians

Women who have stolen, conned, or embezzled huge sums of money, particularly from governments or charities

Women who want to envision themselves as the President – by vicariously seeing themselves in Hillary…

In 2008 we met Obama – the bi-racial man who said he would finally heal the wounds and unite the races… He hired Eric Holder….and entertained Al Sharpton in the White House.

So in 2015 Hillary seeks to pit Women against Men to get elected?

Blinded by Hillary

She’s not even bothering to make any promises; – stupid women are expected to vote for her automatically – ‘because it’s time for a Woman President!!’ Carly

Do these women know about Carly Fiorina, – a woman who hasn’t murdered anybody…?

Who didn’t leave anybody in Benghazi to be killed…?

Somebody needs to confront Shaheen – and ask her why Bernie Sanders wouldn’t have been a more honorable choice.

Or was her endorsement based solely on Hillary’s vaginal qualifications?

Call Shaheen: (202) 224-2841

I’m waiting for New Hampshire’s BIGGEST PUSSY to sign on with Hillary…

Yeah, I’m talking about that RiNO Wuss ex-patriot from MassHole – Scott ‘Across the Aisle’ Brown.  He’ll suck up to anybody, – so is he waiting to see what Biden will do,  – or is he looking for some of that Clinton World Slush Fund money before announcing his support?

Hillary's Other Women

Can Oprah, Rosie, Roseann and Ellen be far behind? What a pathetic spectacle!

I wonder how many American women will vote for Hillary – despite her baggage and lifetime of lies – JUST to see a Woman sworn in…?

What did having a Black pResident do for American Blacks?

I wonder if Hillary asked the Women Relatives of the Benghazi Massacre to join her in Portsmouth today…?

Blood of Benghazi

Women for Hillary? Does that include Muslim women?

Betraying America

What’s the difference between a pumpkin head and a mushroom cloud?

4 Responses to “Shaheen Launches Women For Hillary!”

  1. Tom Gilroy

    Up here in the North Country, where most of the paper mills have been put out of business by the EPA and their green terrorists, I saw not one Hillary sign, but I did see a Bernie and Rand Paul. These folks in Gorham, Milan, Berliner, Dixviille Notch and Errol will probably not vote for Hillary, they have not been invaded by the Massholes or the illegals, they stick to their conservative French Canadian roots as they file out of Notre Dame on Saturday afternoon with their extended families. There are no thoughts of Hillary or Jean Shaheen, it’s Saturday night out to dinner looking forward to the long weekend.

  2. Robert Greenhalge

    Welcome to the Silly Season.

    Look forward 6+ months from now when the race REALLY starts!

  3. Len Mead

    Mike writes, “Was her (Shaheen’s) endorsement based solely on Hillary’s vaginal qualifications?”

    How can you top THAT?

    Maybe — “Time for a vagina in the oval office?”

    Len Mead (unqualified to run)

  4. Jim Gettens

    Loose lips sink ships…