SGM Jeff C. Crawford – RIP

Posted July 1st, 2010 by Iron Mike

When I saw the email from the Sergeant Major last night I thought “Good, he’s out of the hospital and back home”.  T’wasn’t so.  It was his daughter Pam who’d logged on to his account – to tell us all of his passing.  As my neck was swelling up I noted in amazement the number of addressees he knew who are friends of mine.  This unique NCO spanned at least three generations of Army warriors and has friends throughout the Army.

The 101st Airborne was not a gentle place to serve back in the early ’60s.  These were the rough-and-tumble paratroopers of yore and of legend.  Most of our NCOs were WWII and Korean war vets, some actually former officers, and none inclined to take any shit from headstrong teenage Paratroopers.  They’d seen half-trained kids our age die like flies, and they were determined to teach us everything they’d ever learned so they could retire in peace.

Things were moving swiftly around the world.  The Russians built a wall around Berlin,  we deployed nuclear weapons down to the Battle Group level, Khrushchev sent missiles to Cuba, and we blockaded the island, we sent SF Teams to help the Vietnamese, and we lost a popular president in Dallas.

There was a young Sergeant in the 506th ABG – a fellow named Crawford,  who took the time to actually befriend his young charges.  He was what we young troops called a “shack rat” – a young married NCO who went home to a young wife at night. We went to the Jamache Club and tried to fall in love with the waitresses. 

Last night the Sergeant Major went home to God.  I was hardly the only one of his friends and his “kids” that cried last night.  It’s a damned shame that somebody who served that long, that hard, that well, and that faithfully should have to go to his God, with the Obama Cartel in charge of this nation he so loved. 

Sergeant Major, thank you, – for being the friend, the teacher, the mentor, and the leader that I needed when I was nineteen, – – – and yesterday.  I’ll miss your emails!

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

3 Responses to “SGM Jeff C. Crawford – RIP”

  1. Anthony Porter

    Even though I only knew him as a retiree we quickly became good friends. He was the first person besides my older child to arrive after the birth of my now 10yr old little girl; they caught me and the wife sleeping and laughed and said they could have taken her with them. I and my family loved him as a father and grandfather and he will indeed be missed. Jeff never backed down from what he believed in nor faultered in his beliefs, strongest man I have ever met. God bless his wife and family.

  2. Pam Crawford Cloud


    Thank you so much for the tribute to Daddy. I always knew he was an amazing man and soldier. The obituary will be in The Leaf-Chronicle(, the Fayetteville Observer and the Jonesboro Sun tomorrow. It is already posted on line at

  3. Theadore Stone

    Sorry, I just found out that Jeff is gone. I was with him at FT Bragg, NC and visited while we were both in USAEUR. He was in the 56 FA Bde and I was in 210 FA GRP then the 17 FA Bde.

    We went hunting and fishing together in Tenn. and BBQ at his house with Ann, Phil and Pam.

    I was just trying to reach him because I found out why the Map Reading portion of the SQT or Propay tests never had the answer we all calculated, and it is a stupid reason.

    And may God keep the pins out of his butt.

    SFC(P) Stone Retired