Sexual Assault in San Diego

Posted November 16th, 2010 by Jim Ettwein

Recently, an air passenger in San Diego was not happy with the “pat down” from TSA.  He actually stated that he considered it sexual assault.  (video story here)  The key thing here is: if it were anyone but the government, it WOULD be sexual assault!  How do they get away with this?  What’s really the point?  Why are we treated like the terrorists and the terrorists get on planes?  It’s just one more sacrifice of our constitutional rights.  One more in a long line of sacrifices.  This organization is not elected, not answerable to you or me.  They have no accountability to the public.  If we don’t like what they do, we have no recourse, except to be groped.

I travel by air every single week.  I think TSA security is a joke.  They have created a bloated union bureaucracy that cannot be questioned, examined or probed.  Unlike the probing we get.  And under PresO it’s gotten worse.  We have to remove not only our shoes, our belts, our watches, our money, any paper – anything except the final layer of clothes. No one can or will explain why. When did a belt cause a problem? A watch? A piece of paper?  That’s to go through the new machine (which cost billions) so that they can view you with Superman-like X-ray vision.  Does anyone really believe that they can’t save those images?  That they won’t show up in a court of law? 

They try to say that they don’t save them.  Wait until the first terrorist gets discovered by one.  It’ll turn up as evidence at his trial.  Here’s a trailer for a new movie about TSA security.  We should all watch it.  We should all beware as our freedoms get stomped on by the government.  Oh, and that passenger in San Diego?  He couldn’t fly that day and was escorted back to the ticket counter to try to get a ticket refund. rr

2 Responses to “Sexual Assault in San Diego”

  1. Karen G

    The crazy thing is the crotch bomber, Abdulmutallab, was allowed to board a US bound flight not only with ordinance in his undies, but WITHOUT a passport. What’s up with that? You can bet your life none of us would have been allowed to hop on a international flight without identification. Why was he allowed on the plane? Was there a fear of racial profiling accusations? Now, we all pay the price with our privacy…

  2. asusue

    I just found out that 11,000 shares of stock in the company that manufactues those xray scanners is owned by – George Soros. I find this intersting and disturbing. Anyone who did not see the 3 day expose of Soros on Glenn Beck should look up the info on his website or The Blaze. This guy is so intertwined with so many shady and subversive people and organizations it is truly unbelievable. And scary, if you know his history.