Several Brewing Battles

Posted February 3rd, 2011 by Iron Mike

The Obama/Soros Cartel is taking full heed of Emanuel’s Platitude: “Never let a good crisis go to waste”.  While you look at pictures of the riots in Egypt, they are moving forward on a number of items and hoping that you will either not notice, or be too distracted to let their actions sink in. 

ObamaCare:  In a replay of Andrew Jackson ignoring Justice John Marshall’s ruling on Indian removal in Georgia, Obama has already called Judge Vinson’s ruling “judicial overreach”, and promises to continue working to staff the 300 agencies created by the bill.  This is of course contempt of court, but it appeals to Obama’s left-wing base and he is calculating that most Americans won’t understand the points of legality, – and won’t care.

Egypt:  At some level the Obama/Soros cartel fully understand that if Mubarak falls and the Muslim Brotherhood are even a part of any new government, – we will have lost a key ally, essentially traded in [or sold out] a semi-reliable bastard for a radical western-hating jihadists cult. 

Do they care?  No, not in the short run. 

Soros will find a way to make another $20 billion on selling something short, and maybe on closing or disrupting the Suez Canal.

The bigger picture is that Obama, Biden, and Hillary Clinton are all well-established foreign policy dummkopfs.  I’m just guessing, but I doubt there is a single seasoned Republican left on the Egypt-interest section at the State Department.  They simply don’t know what’s going on or who is likely to become our friend vs who hates our Western guts. 

Understand the real prizes in this turmoil:

Egypt: strategic location + Suez Canal.
Saudi Arabia:  strategic location + oil + Mecca + Medina.
Pakistan:  strategic location + 100 nuclear warheads + missiles + submarines.

The lesson for American voters is that slick amateurs with slick slogans are useless when America’s interests are at stake around the world.  So who will Obama ask for help?  Colin Powell or Bill Clinton?

Jobs and the Economy:  Unemployment is running at 9.8% in the USA.  Obama’s State of the Union was advertised to be the moment when he shifted the entire focus of his pResidency from ObamaCare to Jobs.

Have you seen him do anything to reduce regulations on US businesses?

Have you seen him do anything to reduce taxes on US businesses?

Have you seen him do anything to make it easier for US businesses to hire more people?

If you haven’t seen any ACTION, why not?  Could it be that high unemployment, and the frustration and despair which it breeds, is part of a Soros-Obama-Socialist plot to weaken our country and erode the very building blocks of our free-market capitalist economy? 

Who might profit from such a change in our economic dynamics? 

Who might harbor deep anti-white and anti-colonial hatreds, and want to destroy America, – or at least bring it down a few pegs?

Our Federal Budget and Debt Ceiling:   As I type, our federal government is running on a ‘continuing resolution’ reached on December 21st.  It expires on March 4th.  Without a new resolution, or an approved Federal Budget, the government would need to shut down.

To keep our bloated government running Obama needs to raise the Debt Ceiling and borrow more cash from the Chinese.  That way he doesn’t have to lay off any government employees [who mostly vote Democrat].  During his SotU address Obama offered some token cuts, so insignificant that they were insulting.

The new Republican majority in the House is insisting that Obama cut spending [slash the size of a number of departments and LAY OFF or FIRE a LOT of federal employees.

I’d say we’re headed for a standoff, and I’m all for a government shutdown. The last time one happened Bubba got frisky and lucky with a 20-year old White House intern – and was impeached.  Shut ’er DOWN!

2012 Election:  Obama has already begun building both his campaign war chest and his campaign organization for the 2012 election battle. 

Essentially you will be paying his salary, living expenses, security, and travel expenses for the next 21 months while he campaigns around the country. 

How many times a day – and in how many different cities will he bash George W. Bush?

How much of each day will be devoted to actual executive work and chores?

Mexican Border and Suing Arizona:  Murder and violence along our border with Mexico is sharply on the rise, with the murders of teenager Brenda Arenas, rancher Robert Krentz and Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry.   Yet Obama’s Just-Us department continues their lawsuit of Arizona. 

The administration did send a couple hundred guardsmen to the border area to do administrative tasks.  Their tour of duty is up.  What’s next?

New Mexico’s new Republican Governor Susana Martinez just signed an executive order to her state law enforcement agencies to enforce similar New Mexico state laws – requiring a check with ICE on any persons arrested for committing a crime.  Will Obama sue New Mexico next?

What kind of atrocity will finally trigger nationwide backlash against Obama’s open-border policy?

How much longer can Obama put up with the utterly incompetent Janet Napolitano?

Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan:  Spring is coming to the Hindu Kush.  In a few short months the Taliban will renew their efforts to retake Afghanistan, and to overthrow the government of Pakistan.  And if you didn’t notice last week,  Pakistan has just announced that they’ve doubled their nuclear arsenal – to 100 warheads.  Just what do you think al Qaeda or the Taliban might do with a few of these?  Given the kind of unrest rocking Tunisia, Yemen and Egypt, – can the government of Pakistan be far behind?

National Defense:  So far, it seems Obama’s only interests in our military are to play golf on as many military golf courses as possible, and to shove openly gay troops in our face.  He does like riding around like a king on Air Force One.

Questions for Democrats:

Do you think Obama is doing anything / enough to keep us safe in a dangerous world?

Is he keeping our borders safe and secure?

Is he running the government in a way that encourages business?

Is he running a lean cost-effective transparent federal government?

So far under the Obama administration, who has gotten a good deal, and who has gotten a raw deal?

Are your 401K and 529 Plans safe from distruction or government seizure?

How about your Social Security?

What is going to get better over the next 21 months?

   /s/  Iron Mike
   Old Soldier, – Still Good for Parts!

h/t:  to a loyal member of our Night Crew for checking my spelling last night. Thanks DP!

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