Seth Moulton Unwrapped Rumor Monger

Posted September 15th, 2018 by Iron Mike

They abound in our military – low-level know-it-alls who ALWAYS know what’s about to happen,  – and who is going to get into trouble….  They’re called rumor-mongers – or worse.

So US Rep Seth Moulton (aka the Blue Falcon) lives up to his tawdry reputation by announcing to the media an unsubstantiated rumor.   NOT helpful Seth!

The only OVERPRESSURE we can see Moulton is in your fat head!  

Let the EXPERTS figure out what went wrong,  – do your investigation AFTER homes are rebuilt and folks’ lives are restored to some sort of ‘normal’.

You’re hardly an expert,  – and starting rumors is pretty tawdry;  just ask your friend Diane Feinstein

Folks,  the long-suffering voters of the Mass 6th CD deserve a thoughtful and committed GROWN-UP representing them in Congress,  – not a shoot-from-the-hip know-it-all boy.

It’s past time to replace Moulton;  – 4 years of on-the-job training have FAILED to take effect.

4 Responses to “Seth Moulton Unwrapped Rumor Monger”

  1. Brooks Lyman

    Actually, Moulton is probably correct….and it seems to me that the word needs to get out ASAP to prevent possible repetitions.

    I’m not an expert, but my (very limited and possibly off as to exact numbers)) understanding is that the pressure in the main natural gas pipelines is 800 PSI (Pounds per Square Inch. Your care tires are typically 35 PSI). This is reduced to 60 PSI for local distribution (down your street). That pressure is reduced to less than 1 PSI at the pressure regulator by your gas meter; that’s what runs your gas stove, furnace, etc.

    The 800 PSE pipelines are heavy steel, but the local distribution lines (60 PSI) are often very heavy, non-corrosive plastic; older ones may be steel.

    There is a pressure regulator (a big one) that reduces the 800 PSI to 60 PSI for local distribution. I would assume that this system is reasonably automated and foolproof; whether a human being can actually do something to screw it up is a question.

    On the other hand, if the 800 to 60 PSI regulator should fail in such a way as to put 800 PSI into the 60 PSI pipes, there is a very likely (as we have seen) chance that those pipes will burst and/or that the home regulator will fail. We have seen the result of this sort of accident.

    Given that there are large areas served by Columbia Gas that haven’t blown up (yet), it’s a good idea to find out what happened ASAP and fix it….and let people know what happened so they are either reassured or warned and can plan their lives. Waiting until everyone’s house is rebuilt, etc. is not a responsible way to act, and in fact sounds like a coverup of any failure on the part of Columbia. There are plenty enough people to do the rebuilding, and the sort of people who will be investigating the failure are not the sort of people I would likely give a hammer and saw to and trust them to rebuild my house.

  2. Iron Mike

    The PROBLEM is Brooks – that when an elected official mouths off (about a subject they know NOTHING ABOUT) – they’re not thinking about public safety; – they’re just getting their name in the MEDIA.

    As to natural gas pressure, valves, safety devices, etc, – you, I, and Mister Moulton together don’t know the FACTS, – and we shouldn’t be trying to mislead and scare the public – particularly by possibly misinforming the lowest information voters.

  3. Sherox

    Schneider was a Cambridge Democrat until the last possible minute when he switched parties. No better than Moulton.

  4. Sonny's Mom

    The storyline that excess pressure was the cause was being reported on local news media like WBZ radio while the fires were still going.