Serial Hillary Liar Nuland Promoted? Groan!

Posted May 24th, 2013 by Iron Mike

A move so brazenly grotesque and dumb that only John Kerry could make it!
Hillary Liar Nuland
Just days after the beheading of Drummer Rigby, – Stockholm still burning, – and Hillary’s personal liar Victoria Nuland is being promoted to AsstSecState for Europe and Eurasian Affairs.

How is anybody expected to teach Ethics in Government with a straight face – with this corrupt cartel in power?

2 Responses to “Serial Hillary Liar Nuland Promoted? Groan!”

  1. Tom

    She does have to be confirmed by the Senate. Will this be bipartisan or will the usual suspects line up with the Dumbocrats?

  2. Casey Chapman

    I predict she’ll get through without problem. Corruption, pure and simple.