Senkahu Islands – Rocks To Die For?

Posted December 4th, 2013 by Iron Mike

While you slept – our National Village Idiot was holding delicate meetings with the VP and President of Red China – trying to defuse a likely shooting war – over worthless rocks.
200 miles from China
Try to remember back to the 2008 Democratic National Convention in Denver – where upstart Presidential contender Obama picked “Wise Old Joe Biden” to make up for his own lack of foreign policy experience.

Denver 2008A balanced ticket –
or a life insurance policy?

Many of us older Americans immediately understood the play – even as we marveled at the transparency of it. 

Biden had run for President himself a couple of times.  He was a well-known and fully understood fool.  He knows nothing about foreign policy – he is a career seat-warmer.

He was picked as Obama’s life insurance policy.  He’s done that job remarkably well; – nobody has taken a shot at Obama.  “Mission accomplished Joe!”

Foreign policy on the other hand has been a dismal and abject failure – for both Obama and Biden.

They’ve pissed off and abandoned ally Israel in favor of the Muslim Brotherhood – tossing Egypt’s Mubarak under the bus in the process, – along with Poland, Tunisia, Libya, Yemen, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Lebanon, Syria, and Jordan.

Al Qaeda is NOT dead, – not even ‘on the run’.  They’re killing people at a greater rate than ever.

growing Chinese blue water navy

And while this Dynamic Duo was screwing up the Middle East, – handing off regional responsibility to Czar Vladimir Putin, China has been building a blue-water navy… America’s media have ignored or downplayed these events.

Now – China is claiming sovereignty over some worthless rocks 220 miles from their mainland – and half way between hated enemies Taiwan and Japan’s Okinawa.
Senkahu Not worth dying for

NO! They don’t need them for self-defense.  This ploy is a joke.  Nobody in the world is thinking about attacking the Chinese.

They ~ may ~ want to establish a radar and sonar outpost there – much as we have in Iceland to watch over Russian submarines. 

Or, maybe they just want the islands as a gunnery target – the way we use Vieques in Puerto Rico.

They’ve suddenly claimed them,  and placed an ‘anti-aircraft shield’ over them.  Obama got bold and flew two empty B-52s over them,  then wimped out and told our airlines to avoid flying over or near them.

Obama just sent Biden to ‘make-nice’ with the Chinese.  They met last night [our time].  I’m sure they were happy to entertain the Clown; – easier than dealing with that pompous ass John Kerry

Biden is way too stupid to understand any subtlety in their conversations.  If the Chinese want to make a point – they’ll have to use small words and crude language.
Biden playing the fool

They’ve been making the point that they want us out of the Western Pacific and Indian Oceans.

That so-called HOPE and CHANGE that America voted for in 2008, and again last year – is EXACTLY the kind of CHANGE the Chinese were hoping for – i.e. a dumbed-down America, run by idiots, – asleep at the switch.

This allows the Chinese to expand their spheres of influence across South Asia – the Middle Ease, and Africa – all places they need to get oil and raw materials from…  Obama is helping – he has you focused on a website.

AND, he sent in the clown who couldn’t negotiate a status-of-forces agreement with newly liberated Iraq – to deal with a nuclear power flexing it’s muscles.  Brilliant!

Meanwhile, Obama will be campaigningto re-sell ObamaCare


UPDATE: Easter Sunday 20 April 2014 – Japan has acted – placing a small contingent of troops and a radar unit on Yonaguni Island – East of Taiwan – and 100 miles south of the Senkahus. The Chinese are sure to object.

4 Responses to “Senkahu Islands – Rocks To Die For?”

  1. Old Panther 6

    Joe B is certainly a clown. The rocks in question are only worth what Japan is willing to put on the line for them. BUT we really do need to ensure that China understands that power grabs like this in violation of international law are not to be tolerated. Joe B is not the right guy to carry that message.

  2. Walter Knight

    I suppose Japan and China claim the islands because of possible undersea oil, or fishing rights. If Japan wants to project power, they should build up their military, instead of relying on us.

    As for Joe Biden, maybe the Village Idiot could send ‘cattle guards’ to protect those islands.

    Taiwan and the Philippines is where our priorities should be as China seeks to project naval power.

  3. Kojack

    Obysmal has been more successful than he ever thought possible. He has INTENTIONALLY wrecked our economy, alienated our allies and most of all empowered his fellow Muslims.

  4. Casey Chapman

    You said it yourself. These rocks are half way between Japan and China. I see a supply depot in the making just in case they decide to conquer Japan.
    Maybe that’s an old fashioned view, but they are fond of doing things step by step. Being the good Commies that they are.